'The Bachelor': Ben Higgins on Whether Colton Underwood Really Quits the Show With His Fence Jump (Exclusive)

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ET spoke to the 'Bachelor' favorite about Underwood's upcoming fence jump.

After a season of teasing, Bachelor Colton Underwood's fence jump finally airs Monday, March 4 on ABC. The morning after his premiere in January, ET sat down with Underwood to talk about what to expect this season. When we asked about the fence jump, Underwood said the vertical move was him walking (or jumping?) away from the show: in response to whether he quit, Underwood said, "There was no Bachelor." 

But, one fan favorite says once you're in ... you're in. Generous Coffee co-founder and season 20 star Ben Higgins recently told ET, "Nobody actually quits the show. You’re the Bachelor, once you sign up, no matter what, your story has already been told. If you want to walk out after night one you can do that, I guess, but it doesn’t really mean you quit the show, it just means the show is going to look a lot different. There’s no actual quitting. Once you sign your name on the dotted line and show up, you’re there. If you think you’ve quit, you haven’t, the ending might just look a lot different!"

Still, Higgins says he's glad to have new discussions season after season about each lead's, as we say, journey. "[The surprises] are the beauty of the show," he says. "I don’t understand how every season they get something new!” 

Plus, Higgins says his fellow Denver resident has done a great job as Bachelor. "He’s young, like I was," the 29-year-old says. "Maybe he hasn’t dated as much… but in feeling [the emotions of] the cast, he’s done a great job."

In January, Underwood did confirm to ET that at some point -- he wouldn't say when or how -- he comes back to the show. "It was a conversation, not only with Chris [Harrison], but with myself," he says. "Just really coming to terms with, this is happening right now, this is how I have to deal with it, and this is how we're going to get through."

Season 23 of The Bachelor airs its final four episodes March 4-5 and March 11-12 on ABC.