'The Bachelor': Colton Underwood Dips, Questions If He's Made 'The Greatest Mistake of My Life'

Feelings are getting real as we hit the halfway point.

It's week five of The Bachelor, and things are getting real. 

Colton Underwood is just about halfway through his Bachelor journey, and while he's definitely developed connections with the women so far, we got some real feelings this week. The promo for this week's episode teased a love confession from Hannah B., a meltdown from Elyse and a one-on-one date for Heather, who's just hoping to have her first kiss (yes, really). ET was right here, live blogging the whole thing! 

We have to admit, we were doubtful the 23-year-old would make it this far without a lip lock, but Colton is full of surprises. "We have some great conversations," he teased to ET last month, when asked if he'll give Heather her first kiss. "So you are going to have to stay tuned for that one!"

But Heather's kiss was just the tip of the iceberg, as a shocking exit and another big blowout fight ensued. Check it out: 

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