'The Bachelor': Kaitlyn Bristowe Explains Happy Couple Weekends Where Becca Kufrin Was Blindsided (Exclusive)

The former ‘Bachelorette’ reveals what is supposed to happen on the secret rendezvous weekends between 'Bachelor' leads and their final picks.

Becca Kufrin's "happy couple weekend" didn't end up so happy. 

Fans watched the 27-year-old publicist get blindsided on Monday's season finale of The Bachelor, when she gushed about heading off to a "happy couple weekend" with Arie Luyendyk Jr., only to have him walk through the door and ambush her with the news that he wanted to end their engagement to pursue a relationship with his runner-up, Lauren Burnham.

Viewers, including former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher, were shocked by the turn of events. But what exactly is a "happy couple weekend?" ET's Lauren Zima recently sat down with Kaitlyn Bristowe, who broke down the show's secret rendezvous between engaged couples before their finales air.

Three Days With Your Significant Other... and Lots of Producers 

Bristowe described the weekend as three days of "serious quality time" with the lead and their final pick -- as well as a team of producers. 

"[Happy couple weekends] are in a house with really tall bushes everywhere, so people can't see in," Bristowe explained. "Producers come because they really want to make sure you're not leaving the house, because you have to hide there."

A Fully Stocked Fridge Filled With All Your Favorites 

Part of not leaving the house means that producers have to make sure the couple has everything they could ever dream of, starting with the fridge. "They just load up the house with, like, your favorite wines, foods -- everything," she said. "You just make grocery lists." 

Top Secret Transportation 

Getting to the "happy couple weekend" isn't easy, as both the lead and their final pick have to make sure they arrive at the destination undetected. According to Bristowe, this involves "black SUVs" and "alias names." 

"Shawn [Booth] was Eric and I was Ariel from The Little Mermaid," she revealed. "They even put his name under [Eric] on flights, [so] if they need to call your name, they know to call you Eric." 

"When both of us came down from the plane, the driver would be there with signs saying either Ariel or Eric, and we obviously had to fly down different days," Bristowe added. 

No Witnesses -- or at Least Ones Who Won't Talk 

Every once in a while, The Bachelor team will need to bring others into the fold, like when Bristowe really wanted a summer glow.

"I wanted to get spray tans while I was there, and I think they made the spray tan people sign contracts," she said. 

While Bristowe and Booth's weekends weren't without drama (she accidentally Snapchatted the two together, spoiling the finale), nearly three years after his proposal, they're still going strong. The couple now lives together in Nashville, Tennessee, where Bristowe is working on new music, following her run on Broadway last year.  She also stays in touch with her fan base with her popular podcast, Off the Vine.