'The Bachelor': Tyler Cameron Arrives & Matt James Bursts Out In Awkward Laughter at Heather Martin's Debut

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What do Tyler Cameron and Heather Martin have in common? Well, Hannah Brown. But they also both made appearances on Monday's episode of The Bachelor. 

Last week's episode of the ABC dating show saw Matt James send home two women (Victoria and Anna) for bullying others -- but he still had one left. The episode ended with a face-off, after Jessenia accused MJ of being an "antagonist" in the house. This week's episode will picked up where we left off, and Matt decided to send self-proclaimed "bad b**ch" MJ home. 

The 29-year-old also had a delightful one-on-one date with Pieper this week, and decided his connection with Katie (a Bachelorette favorite) just wasn't there. 

As for Tyler's arrival, Matt told ET he came "just in time." 

"Tyler coming was just in time, because it was a point for me where I was feeling things I haven't felt before and I needed to talk to someone who had been through it," he said.

Then there was Heather, who seemed to shock EVERYONE with her decision to meet Matt more than halfway into filming. He couldn't help but burst into awkward laughter when she finally arrived at the cocktail party. 

"I was in shock, and I think that it will be very interesting to see how that plays out," he told ET. "I have a very strong relationship with Hannah and Heather is one of Hannah's best friends, so it's very interesting." 

ET was live blogging Monday's episode. Scroll down for minute-by-minute updates.


6:57 PM:

"What the f**k!?" Pieper yells as she rejoins the other women. They quickly realize who Heather is and express their RAGE -- while she explains herself to Matt. 

Next week, Heather tells the ladies they don't know her at all -- and they remind her she doesn't know Matt. Heather cries over how mean the women are, and the drama is clearly not over. 

Then, Matt has romantic dates with the remaining women, tells Kit she means a lot to him, and Pieper is crying. 

Matt says his heart is falling in another direction and we don't know what he's talking about and we can't wait to see!


6:56 PM:

Heather arrives -- but has trouble getting through the door (we can relate, girl). 

She offers a quick wave to the ladies and heads over to find Matt. She finds him REAL quick, walking in on his conversation with Pieper. 

Matt starts laughing and this is too awkward. "Heather?! Pieper, I'm so sorry. I just need a couple minutes," Matt says. 

Matt and Heather hug, but apparently this is their first time meeting. Eeek. 

The Chateau

6:54 PM:

Matt arrives, and toasts to the women and all the time they'll get to chat tonight. What a surprise Heather's arrival will be! 

Also, why is she still driving her minivan? Where is she staying? Is she not near the cocktail party? 

Matt kisses Abigail and the women gush about how happy Matt seems. 

Heather freaks out at the sight of the chateau and we don't know how we could be this impressed without seeing the last season of The Bachelorette first. 


6:52 PM:

Well look at that! Heather is done quarantining just in time for the rose ceremony, and she's all dolled up. 

She's wearing white (to make Matt envision their wedding?) and heads out to meet him. 

"All this would be worth it [if we get engaged]," she fantasizes. 

The other women arrive to the cocktail party and we smell DRAMA. 

She Is Who She Is

6:47 PM:

The women are shocked as Katie's bags are taken away, and she cries as she drives off. 

"I am who I am, and there's someone out there who wants that," Katie says. 

Why Pick It Up?!

6:45 PM:

Matt puts down the rose and we're wondering why he had to pick it UP to begin with. Why trick us like that? 

As he walks Katie out, we hear Matt telling the camera that he and Katie just didn't have a connection that could lead to marriage. Katie, meanwhile, says she's shocked by his decision. 

"I just didn't see that coming at all, and I just felt the blood drain from my face when he started to tell me that I wasn't getting the rose tonight," she says. "I was already picturing what it would be like to spend time with him at like, a football game with Tyler and his friends and my friends."

"You start painting your future, only for it to be erased," Katie expressed. 


6:44 PM:

Our sweet, wonderful Katie offers to give Matt validation, telling him today made it all worth it. 

"I had so much fun," she gushes. 

Then Matt picks up the rose. 

"I think back to the first night when we met, and how much our relationship has grown, and how you've set the tone, not only for the women in the house, but this experience -- for them and for me. I don't even know how to express to you how much I appreciate you and how much you've meant to me in this process," Matt says.

"But you've been honest with me, and I owe the same honesty to you, and the truth is my relationship with some of the other women in the house has progressed further along than ours has up until this point. And I can't give you this rose tonight," he adds. "And that's not a slight at who you are and what our time has been together. I just haven't had those feelings I need to have of finding a wife in this process."

Not Smiling

6:42 PM:

Katie opens up about how in her last relationship, she wasn't who she wanted to be. Since then, she's been more particular about who she dates. 

"There's no changing anybody," she says, telling Matt she's committed and can see their relationship continuing. "I'm very hopeful my love story is your love story, and I'm here till the end if you want me to be." 

Matt's face is not smiling. Oh noooooooooo. 


6:39 PM:

After all those hijinks, it's time for dinner. 

"It was great to be funny and be silly with him today, but I also think being able to be vulnerable and have serious conversations is the key to a relationship," Katie tells the camera. 

There's a lot of pressure on this date as hometowns approach. "Matt's not here to play games... if he's not interested, he's not going to lead you on," Katie adds. 

Uh oh, is that foreshadowing? 

Back Rub

6:35 PM:

After they've had their fun, Matt and Katie enter Tyler's room. 

Matt lathers up in lotion and takes over on Tyler's back rub -- before breaking out in laughter. 

"Interesting way to meet you," Tyler laughs as Matt introduces him to Katie. 

'Twist His Nipples'

6:32 PM:

Katie arrives for her date -- where she and Matt will be pranking Tyler during his massage. 

They give the masseuse (a paid actor) instructions to mess with Tyler, and it starts innocent. "Ask him why he's here," Katie instructs, before Matt tells the masseuse to make her way to Tyler's nipples. 

"Katie's the perfect date. She's hilarious," Matt raves to the camera. "I was dying." 

Greets, Tyler

6:31 PM:

Now Tyler Cawmeron is here, and he and Matt catch up over a game of pool. 

"Katie's the one who had the cactus-sized vibrator when she got out of the limo," Matt tells Tyler. 

Tyler tells Matt that some relationships may start later, like his did with Hannah. He encourages him to just be himself. "I'd rather you give it your all... so you can walk away from this not having any regrets," he says. 

Matt reveals he sees himself proposing at the end of this, and Tyler freaks out. "My buddy's boo'd up!" he jokes. 

Heather Is Losing It

6:29 PM:

Heather Martin is losing it. 

It's probably only her third day in her hotel room, and she's pretending to be Rapunzel. "I might need some human interaction soon," she admits. 

It Sucks

6:23 PM:

Matt calls out Serena P., Chelsea and Michelle, before giving Michelle the rose. 

"I am kind of surprised, and disappointed also," Chelsea says as Matt ends the date. "It's scary to not get the rose. It sucks." 

Matt will see the ladies at the cocktail party -- where Heather makes her big entrance. 

Chelsea Is Struggling

6:21 PM:

Matt goes off to chat with Jessenia while Chelsea reveals how frustrating it's been to not get time with the Bachelor. 

Serena P. tells Matt she's falling for him (we thought she already shared that on her one-on-one) and Chelsea verbalizes how hard it's been for her to be patient. 

"I just don't want you to give up on me, because I know I have some walls up," Chelsea tells Matt. 

"I know it's hard when you see other people on the one-on-ones... but if you're here, it's because I can see myself with you," Matt replies. 

That makes Chelsea feel much better, and they make out. 

Hello, Blue Team

6:19 PM:

Matt continues to connect with Michelle, who tells the camera it feels like she's with the right person. 

All of the sudden, the Blue team arrives. 

"Ladies, welcome. I actually knew this group was coming. I apologize, but this process is too important to not get time with everybody. Everyone should be here," Matt explains. 

Tricked Ya!

6:16 PM:

That night, Katie and Pieper talk about getting alone time with Matt, as the Blue team arrives in a salty mood. 

The Pink team is thrilled as they only have to compete with a few ladies for the rose. 

"Seeing that potential and then week after week just waiting, it's just like, how am I supposed to take this seriously if I don't get time?" Abigail tearfully asks. 

Chris Harrison arrives AGAIN to deliver a date card -- on which Matt invites the Blue team to come to the after-party after all. 

Good Point, Girl

6:13 PM:

"How are we supposed to form this relationship with him if we don't even get to talk to him?" Rachael asks. "It just doesn't make sense this far into the process." 

Good point, Girl. 

Gutter Ball

6:10 PM:

So, the Pink team are apparently all great bowlers, and the blue team are not... but they make up for it. 

The competition came down to the last few games -- where Abigail got a gutter ball and the Pink team came out on top. 

"Blue team, you fought hard, but Pink Petals, you're going to the after-party!" Chris announces. 

The Pink team celebrates while Abigail, Bri, Serena C., Rachael and Kit sulk. 

"It's frustrating when you have that potential and you can't explore it. You just have to wait and wait. I don't know. I'm not getting any time," Abigail tells the camera. 

Bowling With a Twist

6:09 PM:

While Heather spends the day in her hotel room, the ladies meet Matt for a bowling date. Abigail is bummed about not getting more alone time with Matt, but she's determined to make the best of it. 

Matt mentions the women potentially being "out of their element" and we get a glorious shot of our "little fashionista" Kit. 

All of the sudden Chris Harrison arrives, because why not? He tells the group it's competition time. The winning team goes to the after-party, and the losing team goes home. 

All Our Best

6:07 PM:

Another update from Heather, and she's going crazy in her hotel room. 

She balances pizza on her head and we are struggling to understand why we need to see this footage. All our best to Heather. 

Everything Just Feels Right

6:02 PM:

Pieper gushes over the future she sees with Matt, and he says they couldn't have had a better ending to the night. 

"Everything just feels right," he says. 

No Dancing!!

6:01 PM:

Matt picks up the rose. 

"I'm looking forward to spending more time with you. So Pieper, will you accept this rose?" Matt asks. 

Pieper accepts, and she's giddy -- but the night's not over yet. 

Matt and Pieper enjoy a private performance by Temecula Road where they kiss and hug and don't really dance at all. But it's their private concert so they can do whatever they want. 

Pieper's Falling In Love

5:57 PM:

At their dinner date, Pieper opens up to Matt about how her family doesn't verbalize their love for each other. 

They use their actions, not their words. "I wish that wasn't how I was brought up, but I know it made me a tougher person," Pieper says. "It hurts. I just wish that I could feel that way too. And I think that's why it's so hard for me to let people in." 

Pieper tears up recalling how she wished she heard more from her mom how proud she was of her. 

Matt tells her they can work on it together. "I'm challenging you to continue to be open with me," he says. 

"I want to be able to do more of the saying part of love," Pieper says. "I just know I'm not good at it. So, be patient with me. But, I don't want to be afraid of how I feel anymore. I don't want to be afraid of expressing feelings anymore." 

She tells Matt she's falling in love with him, despite how scary it is for her to say. 

Heather's In!

5:55 PM:

Congrats to Heather Martin, who has been allowed to quarantine at "Nemeeecolin" for the chance to meet Matt. 

"Hopefully in a day or so or a couple days, I can meet Matt!" she raves in a self-recorded video. 

We Get It!

5:52 PM:

Back at the house, the next date card arrives, and it's a group date for everyone but Katie, so she gets the next one-on-one. 

"Obviously I'm very happy. I can't wait to explore our relationship further without drama, and have it be about him and I," Katie tells the ladies. 

"I hope that Katie goes on her one-on-one and Matt realizes she is not the one for him," Serena C. tells the camera. 

OK, we get it! You don't like her. 

Falling In Love

5:50 PM:

Pieper raves about their special date, and admits she wasn't sure at first if she could fall in love here. 

Surprise! She is. 

Winner Winner

5:48 PM:

"I have had my eye on Pieper since the moment she got here," Matt tells the camera. He wanted to do something with Pieper, and hopes she feels just as magical at the carnival as he did when he was a kid. 

Matt and Pieper get started with her favorite game, which she wins. 

"This whole experience... it's been worth the wait," Matt gushes. "Me and Pieper already have our relationship... we're trying to explore what life looks like with each other." 


5:46 PM:

It's time for Pieper's date with Matt, and we feel like she's getting the short end of the stick with her date starting this late. 

Why doesn't everyone get a day AND night part of the date anymore? Is Matt tired? 

Anyway, he drives Pieper to seemingly the middle of nowhere (but they must still be on Nemacolin property) and it's pitch black. He asks Pieper to flip a switch -- and it's a carnival! 


5:44 PM:

Poor Chris Harrison has to walk down that extra long driveway to greet Heather. 

"Heather, what are you doing here?" Chris asks. 

Heather says Hannah Brown told her that Matt was perfect for her after spending time with him in quarantine. "Her telling me that meant something... I couldn't let him get engaged and not meet him -- or try my best," she explains. "I know you're halfway through... I just want to meet Matt." 

Chris says he can't tell Heather yes or no -- he needs to talk to people first. "Why don't you go back to your hotel, and I'll be in touch?" he asks. 

Heather agrees and drives off. 

"That is just bizarre," Chris remarks. "Just when you think you've seen it all." 

White Minivan

5:40 PM:

Cue Heather Martin's arrival, as we get a shot of her minivan reaching the gate of Nemacolin. 

The guard looks confused AF, but Heather's got a plan. 


5:37 PM:

Katie storms off from the conversation, while Serena C. goes to gossip about her to the women. We really don't understand why Serena C. needs to be so upset over Katie -- or slam her sex positivity. Relax, woman!

"Why do I matter to you so much?" Katie asks Serena C., who doesn't really have a good answer. She tries to turn it back on Katie, saying she's getting in the way of relationships progressing. 

Jessenia tries to calm the crowd, and Kit looks over it. 

"I'm really not sure why Serena is so upset by Katie... at this point, it's just ridiculous to me. I'm just like, 'OK, when does this sh*t end," Kit tells the camera. 

High School Bullsh*t

5:35 PM:

Serena C. sits down with Katie, and tells her she doesn't think she's there for Matt. 

"I thought you were coming to apologize, to be honest," Katie says, telling Serena C. she's "pathetic" for trying to confront her. "I've never been fake, and Matt likes me for who I am." 

"Your little antics... you're lighting all these little fires everywhere. You are the arsonist!" Serena C. She thinks Katie telling Matt about the drama is none of her business. 

They're now yelling and the rest of the house can hear it. 

"I'm not going to let mean girls be mean girls in this house!" Katie says. "There is some high school bullsh*t here." 

A Date for Pieper and a Feud for Serena C.

5:33 PM:

The next morning, Chris is here and looking very fall. 

He tries to show the ladies the bright side of Matt canceling the cocktail party -- he sees his wife in the room. In two weeks, it's hometowns, so time is precious! 

The one-on-one goes to Pieper, who is very excited and it's cute. "My hands are very sweaty," she admits. 

Serena C. is salty. "Now I'm waiting again for that time, and at this point, it's getting more serious and kind of scary," she tells the camera. "Katie is calculated and annoying." 


5:25 PM:

Serena P. gets a rose, and then Michelle. Ryan is bawling her eyes out. 

Pieper gets a rose and we LOVE that dress. Then Bri, who is looking good in green. 

Katie is also crying as Chelsea gets a rose. "I feel weak a lot here," Katie cries. "I need to know everything I'm going through, it's worth it." 

It's worth it, Katie! She gets a rose. Serena C. b**ches about Katie getting a rose, and now there's only one left. 

Serena C. gets the rose. Brittany, Ryan and our sweetest sweet favorite woman Magi don't get roses. 

"It's tough. I'm sad, but he has no idea the love I have, how much love I can give," Magi tells the camera. "My person is definitely out there, and I cannot wait to meet him." 

"I really wanted that chance!" Ryan sobs. "I just feel like I was too late, and it's not fair!" 

Not Personal

5:24 PM:

Rose ceremony time, and while the ladies are nervous, they all look amazing. Stellar looks, five stars. 

Matt arrives and apologizes for canceling the cocktail party. "With that being said, I'm extremely confident in this process," he explains. He's following his heart and looking for love -- it's not personal, ladies! 

No Cocktail Party 4 U

5:16 PM:

The women are happy to move past the drama and chat with Matt, but surprise! Chris Harrison pops by to say Matt has canceled the cocktail party. 

The ladies will be going straight to the rose ceremony, and they are back to being sad. 

"I'm really sorry ladies that this took time from you," Jessenia says, because she's classy. 

Ryan is in tears and Serena C. is taking out her anger on Katie, slamming her for bringing up the drama to begin with. 

Relax, Serena! 

"Tonight Matt is sending home the girls he doesn't have a connection with, and based on her reaction to me, sounds like she could be one of them," Katie tells the camera. 

Ryan is still crying and now it's getting worse. "I just, I can't!" she sobs. "I don't know if I've ever been this scared of anxious in my entire life." 

Ryan and Michelle scream bloody murder outside, and we're not sure how that helps, but go for it. 


5:15 PM:

"It didn't have to come to this. MJ had every opportunity to own up to it," Jessenia tells the camera, gushing over having Matt's support. 

Our bad b**ch MJ is shocked on her ride home. 

"I just can't believe this happened," MJ says. "He's still a great guy. I do want the best for him, and it's disappointing he didn't see it in me. My heart hurts. I don't know how she did this. She sabotaged me. That sucks, but Jessenia was petty. I hope he figures it out. I think the girls at the house will be shocked."

Our guess? The women will not be shocked. 

Bye, MJ!

5:12 PM:

Matt tells the camera that both MJ and Jessenia made "valid points." He has a relationship with both of them, and is conflicted. 

He rejoins the women, and picks up the rose. Decision time!

"MJ, our connection is undeniable. And I felt that since the first time we spoke. And I've really enjoyed all of our moments together, just being real. Jessenia, you said from Night One that you wanted someone to be your rock, you were willing to be that, and I feel that," Matt says. "MJ, I can't give you this rose."

Matt puts down the rose and MJ looks angry. "Can I walk you out?" Matt asks. 

Bad B**ch 4 Lyfe

5:07 PM:

MJ tells the camera she spoke the truth. 

"I'm going to keep being a bad b**ch. This is not going to shake me at all. This is done," she says. 

Then she goes off to argue with Jessenia even more. 

"You know what, Meredith? You preach all the time about weak b**ch energy -- well, weak b**ches lie," Jessenia hisses, using MJ's real name. 

"You need to literally check yourself right now. That is petty. You continue to be petty," MJ replies. 

Weak B**ch Moment

5:05 PM:

MJ is done crying to the camera. "I had a weak b**ch moment but I'm back," she says before going off to chat with Matt. 

"My heart is so big, and I'm trying to show that to you every second I get with you. And the fact that Jessenia said I was creating this divide in the house as I'm trying to bring everyone together -- I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted," MJ tells Matt. "And then to have my character put into question, like, that hurt me the most."

"I just try to show you who I am, and to know that like, someone can say one fricking thing -- like, I've had to overcome so many fears this week, and right now my biggest fear is losing you. I hate crying, God. I'm shaking," she continues. "I never lied. And at the end of the day, I know you need a wife that preaches for harmony and peace and not tearing each other down. I would never do that. I don't believe in that. That's not who I am." 

Matt tells MJ that that "hasn't been my experience with you," but he has things to think over.

Lead By Example

5:04 PM:

Jessenia tells Matt that MJ lied to his face by pretending she didn't know about the drama when she was involved in it. 

"That is so shady," MJ tells the camera. 

"MJ loves to preach about leading by example, but she's the one who created that division. She started it," Jessenia tells Matt. "Everything she's done has come from a place of malice." 

Matt says it's a huge bummer, and MJ is PISSED. "I just can't stand her!" MJ cries to the camera, calling Jessenia a "b**ch." 

Jessenia, meanwhile, tells Matt she'll stand by him, and she's there for him 100 percent. 

Now it's time for Matt to hear MJ's side. 


5:02 PM:

Back on the impromptu two-on-one, MJ and Jessenia are still bickering. 

"My actions speak louder than my words. I lead my example, Jessenia," MJ barks. Yeah, MJ. That's the problem here. 

Matt arrives and awkwardly sits down between the two. "Ladies, thank you for coming. This isn't how I was planning on spending the evening, but I'm here to find a wife, and there's obviously some tension and an issue between the two of you we need to get to the bottom of," he says. 

Matt takes Jessenia off to chat first. 

Heather Martin?!

5:01 PM:

This week's episode is here, and it opens with a preview of Heather Martin's entrance and a terribly fake reaction from Chris Harrison. 

But first, the women are waiting for MJ and Jessenia's drama to conclude so they can go to the rose ceremony. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. See more in the video below. 


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