'The Bachelor': Matt James Cries as a Woman Breaks Up With Him After Hometowns

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Hometowns are always illuminating, are they not? Matt James dwindled his group to just four women, and on Monday night's episode of The Bachelor, he met their families.

Controversy surrounding one contestant, Rachael, and host Chris Harrison continues to play out off-screen -- and Matt just issued a statement. 

In a post on Instagram on Monday, Matt called the information that has surfaced in recent weeks "troubling," and said he'll share more of his thoughts "in the end." 

"The reality is that I'm learning about these situations in real time, and it has been devastating and heartbreaking to put it bluntly," he wrote. "Chris's failure to receive and understand the emotional labor that my friend Rachel Lindsay was taking on by graciously and patiently explaining the racist history of the Antebellum South, a painful history that every American should understand immediately, was troubling and painful to watch. As Black people and allies immediately knew and understood, it was a clear reflection of a much larger issue that The Bachelor franchise has fallen short on addressing adequately for years."

Onscreen, ABC promised there would be plenty of "tough" conversations this week. Rachael, Bri, Michelle and Serena P. were in the running for Matt's heart, with each of them hoping their hometown date would take things to the next level.

It did for three of them, while Serena P. realized Matt wasn't her "person" -- and told him. That shocker put everything into perspective for Matt, who emotionally revealed his insecurities that another woman would leave him heartbroken. 

ET was live blogging Monday night's episode. Scroll down for a play-by-play of what went down.

Damn, Mom!

6:57 PM:

That excitement quickly turns to fear, as it clicks there's still three women. 

Then -- the Women Tell All. TBH, none of this seems that exciting anymore. But we'll see how we feel next week. 

Then, in two weeks, Matt gets steamy with his final three -- and his mom tells him, "Love is not the end all, be all." Damn, Mom! 

Matt's crying, he's not OK and we are looking forward to the end of this journey. Now he's SOBBING and we're really looking forward to it. 



3 Roses for 3 Ladiez

6:55 PM:

Michelle accepts her rose "without hesitation." Rachael is next, and then Bri obviously. 

A big sigh from Matt. 

"Thank you all for being patient, and I'm extremely excited about our next two weeks together," Matt says. 

Bri, Michelle and Rachael express their excitement for what's ahead. 


6:54 PM:

Matt finally greets the women at the rose ceremony, and confirms Serena's not coming. 

"I want you all to think long and hard about that commitment before you accept the rose tonight," he tells Michelle, Bri and Rachael. 

Us Too

6:51 PM:

Michelle, Bri and Rachael stand there waiting for Matt, but then they notice Serena's not there. 

Before the rose ceremony, Matt expresses his fear that there's another woman who's not fully into him. 

"We're so close to the end, I can smell it," he says. Us too. 

Matt's Crying

6:46 PM:

Serena WALKS MATT OUT and we get a limo shot of him departing. Way to turn the tables, girl. 

He cries, recalling how he wanted to run. "That's what I've always done... run from difficult conversations, but nothing gets resolved," he says. "I'm scared." 

Matt is scared of leaving this show with a broken heart. More tears. 


6:44 PM:

There is silence as Matt tries to process being broken up with by yet another woman. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work. 

"I don't know. It sucks to hear that, but I felt it after I left that conversation with your family," he says. "It just stinks." 

"It sucks to hear that, because I just want what's best for you, and if that's not going to be me... that stinks," he continues.

Serena says she's just not there. 

"You don't have to say or do any more," Matt tells her, asking her to walk him downstairs. 

Not Her Person

6:43 PM:

Matt tells Serena it's "intentional" that he's spent the most time with her of the other women. He really sees a future with her. 

She doesn't seem convinced it's for the best. "I think when I first became aware of those feelings was when I talked to my mom. I was able to sit there and say, 'Matt has everything I would want in a husband, and he makes me feel so special and valued'... but when it came to being able to share my feelings for you, I really struggled," she explains. 

Serena says she was scared. "I think if I'm being honest with myself, it's more than that. And I think it just comes down to the fact that I don't think that you're my person," she says. 

Matt Visits Serena

6:40 PM:

The women get ready for the rose ceremony -- but Matt can't get started without checking in with Serena. 

He goes to visit her in her room, where she does not look like she even bothered to get ready for the rose ceremony. 

"I've been thinking about you a lot," Matt tells her. "I've known how I felt about you for a long time... seeing that you struggled through some of this, I tried to make sure you had enough time to process." 

Not Quite There

6:32 PM:

Matt tries to reassure Serena before they say goodbye -- but we're not sure it worked. 

"I am falling for Matt. We have an amazing connection, but thinking about getting engaged to him in a few weeks does scare me, because I'm not there yet," she tells the camera. "I wanted my hometown to be there." 

"Tonight I have just, doubt and fear," she adds. 

No Shame in Being You

6:30 PM:

Serena's mom tells her that her last relationship really messed with her head. 

"I think I'm just struggling to trust my feelings," Serena cries. "I just want to be out of my brain for like, five minutes." 

"I do have this pit in my stomach sometimes with Matt," she explains. "I don't know how I'm feeling." 

We think this is the beginning of the end of Serena and Matt -- but we will say we really liked her hometown date and we really like her. No shame in being you, girl!!!


6:29 PM:

Serena's sister tells her she doesn't seem smitten -- and Serena is internally freaking out. 

"The thing I'm most nervous about is she could be talking herself into it," her sister tells the camera. 

During a sitdown with her dad, Serena tells her dad that getting engaged is not "off the table." He reminds her it's a strong commitment -- and now she's not sure. 

"Suddenly I have a lot of doubts," she tells the camera. 


6:26 PM:

Serena's mom is the first to grill Matt. "This whole process is fast," she says with her cute little Canadian accent. "We're just worried about her getting hurt." 

"There's definitely something there, but I don't know that Serena will be ready to get engaged this quickly," Serena's mom tells the camera. 

Serena's sister asks her if she's in love with him, and Serena admits she's catching up to Matt's feelings. 

Five Stars for Serena's Sister

6:23 PM:

Matt sees himself spending the rest of his life with Serena, so he wants to make a good impression. 

He meets Serena's family -- and they're already emotional. Turns out Serena's limo exit was her sister's idea. Five stars for Serena's sister. 

Serena Is the Best Canadian

6:17 PM:

Matt hopes Serena's family doesn't think he's a moron -- so he better study up. He's not exactly nailing Serena's Canadian trivia. 

"I'm having a blast today with Matt. He's handling the fun and games great," she tells the camera. "We just have so much fun together." 

They eat some Canadian delicacies, before heading out for some ice -- where Serena really shows off her skills. 

She tells the camera they've deepened their connection, but we're not really seeing it. 

Oh Canada

6:15 PM:

It's time for Serena P.'s hometown date, and she's going to show him what Canada looks like. Did anyone know she was Canadian? We did not. 

"Because I can't take you to Canada, I thought I'd bring Canada to you!" she beams. "I'm a proud Canadian. I love Canada!" 

Serena explains she was born and raised in Canada, and that's why she's walking Matt into a room with a bunch of Canadian flags. 

Bri Says It!

6:09 PM:

While sitting down with Matt, Bri finally gets it off her chest. 

"I feel like I'm falling in love with you, and I just want more time with you," she says. 

Matt thanks her, and they kiss. 

"I feel good knowing he won't have any doubts about where our relationship is," Bri adds. 

We Love Bri's Mom

6:07 PM:

Bri gets emotional as she tells her mom that she's falling in love with Matt, but she's scared. 

"You have to make a commitment to yourself to be honest and you have to be vulnerable, and that's a hard thing to do," her mom says. 

Bri is now crying over the possibility of telling Matt how she feels and then leaving. 

"I know that that's really hard for me to do, and it makes me want to put up a wall," Bri tells the camera. "I've got to let that wall down and tell Matt how I feel. If I don't tell him, how is he ever going to know?" 

Very Interesting

6:05 PM:

Bri's mom has hard questions for Matt as they sit down one-on-one. 

Matt talks about how they connect over having single moms. "Are you in love with her?" Bri's mom interjects. 

"I'm falling in love with her," Matt replies. 

"She's a realist," Bri's mom says. "She wants to get her hopes up, but she's afraid of getting shot down. Do you see Bri in your life?" 

"Absolutely," Matt says. 

"Interesting," Bri's mom responds. 


Yesss Mom!

6:03 PM:

Matt and Bri meet her family -- and her baby sister. 

"Seeing Bri hold her baby sister made my heart melt," Matt tells the camera as Bri's sister cries it out. "I see how Bri's going to show up for us." 

Bri's little sis goes off for her nap, so the adults can talk. 

"We know what Matt's been doing: dating," Bri's mom says. Yessss mom!


5:58 PM:

Bri expresses her insecurity over being able to give Matt a conventional family. 

"My family's everything but conventional," Matt assures her. "[But] I had a mom that loved me, and brother who would die for me." 

"Sounds like your mom and your friends are showing up for you, and that's why I'm nervous, because I know how important they are," Matt adds. 

Bri wants to tell Matt she's falling in love, but she's scared. 

A Little Tough

5:54 PM:

"Off-roading is something I used to partake in growing up," Bri tells the camera. "Hopefully I don't flip it today." 

When they get off the bumpy road, Bri sets up a little picnic. 

"I am just really excited to be here with you for hometowns. I'm excited for you to meet my family and I feel like our date really did come full circle," she gushes. 

Matt reflects on his and Bri's bond over being raised by single moms -- and Bri warns him her mom might be a little tough. 


5:52 PM:

Bri is up next. "We were both raised in a single parent home... we just get each other," Matt tells the camera. 

"I'm in a place right now with Bri that's comfortable, but we need to push past that," he adds. 

Bri drives up to meet Matt, and says she's taking it back to their first date. "Today is payback... a lot of off-roading today," she says. 

Call a Dad Up

5:48 PM:

Matt tells Rachael that it's important to ask for her dad's blessing, but he doesn't want to ask four families. 

So, when the time comes, he'll call a dad up. 

"It's so scary to think I could still potentially lose him," Rachael tells the camera. "I will be completely crushed if I don't end up with Matt." 

The Other Women

5:45 PM:

Rachael's dad says he thinks Matt is telling the other women exactly what he's telling her -- but Rachael disagrees. 

"We just want to make sure you're being respected and all that," her dad says. 

Rachael says she would walk away if she didn't have really strong feelings for Matt, and her dad loosens up a bit. 

"I'm super anxious right now waiting to hear what Matt has to say," Rachael tells the camera. 


5:44 PM:

Matt, meanwhile, tells Rachael's dad that he already told his daughter that he's falling in love with her. 

"I'm taking this serious, and when I'm with Rachael, that's all I'm thinking about," Matt tries to assure her father. 

"To me, it's very quick to get to the point where you're talking about getting engaged or married... it's unrealistic," Rachael's dad tells the camera. He's worried. 

Something Scary

5:41 PM:

Rachael introduces Matt to her family, and tells them about her rough landing. They don't seem too fazed. 

"I've definitely been falling in love with him so easily," Rachael tells her mom, explaining she sees a future with Matt. 

Her mom asks about the bad things -- but Rachael says there's nothing bad about Matt. "I've had bad days with him," she says. 

"Today actually was a really hard day. When I said my landing was rough, it was bad. You can't see, there's a lot of makeup on my face," she adds. "I was fine, but even just seeing the way he reacted about that and the way he took care of me and the way he comforted me -- that's how I would want my husband to react to something scary like that." 


5:37 PM:

Matt tells Rachael that he was seriously concerned. 

"That thought of losing you in that moment... I was like, 'Damn,'" he says. 

"It's nice to see how much he cares about me," Rachael tells the camera with tears in her eyes. "It was a really bad situation turned good, because he was there for me... I can't even think about going through life without Matt at this point." 


5:34 PM:

Rachael and Matt get in the plane -- and then they jump out of it. 

We're impressed by this footage mid-air and Rachael talks about how she's "literally" falling for Matt. 

Then she hits the earth... hard. 

"Oh sh*t!" Matt yells as he runs over to her. "Are you all right?" 

"My back is killing me. I have so much grass in my mouth right now," she tells him. 

"Rachael just literally slammed into the earth... hard. ... She's not meant to take that kind of impact, no one is!" Matt tells the camera.


5:31 PM:

Rachael blindfolds Matt and drives him to a runway. 

Surprise! They're going skydiving. "Oh sh*!" Matt laughs. "Oh my god!" 

A couple guys arrive to take them up, and we can't help but wonder why exactly Zac Clark got a cardboard on his Bachelorette hometown date but Rachael gets to go skydiving. How is this happening? 

Pls Help Us

5:30 PM:

Now it's time for Rachael's date, and she gets a cool car to meet Matt in. 

"My family might think I'm crazy. They're definitely going to be shocked," Rachael tells the camera. We are trying to separate this statement from what we know off-screen. Please help us. 


5:25 PM:

Matt gives Michelle a "positive " in response to her telling him she's falling in love with him -- which is a lot less than he gave Rachael. 

We're concerned. Next up -- he and Rachael jump out of a plane, and she hits the ground hard. 

Love & Basketball

5:22 PM:

Michelle starts crying when she sits down with her mom, saying that she thinks Matt's the one. 

"If I didn't feel it was being reciprocated, I wouldn't still be here," Michelle says. She's sees qualities of her dad in Matt. 

"If he makes you happy, and I can see he does already, we'll love him and he'll be part of our family," her mom says. 

Michelle is over the moon. "The Young family is all in, too!" she gushes to the camera. 

The family wraps up the night with a little basketball, before Matt and Michelle touch base. 

"I do want you to know that after you meeting my family, I knew it was going to take my emotions to a whole different level... I am falling in love with you, Matt," Michelle says. "That makes me so excited... it's so genuine and it's so real." 

Matt's Open to Minnesota

5:21 PM:

Matt tells Michelle's dad that he and Michelle align on a lot of things. He won't say he's in love with Michelle, but admits he's falling for her. 

However, Matt's also open to moving to Minnesota for Michelle. 

"We trust her decision-making process, and we will respect Michelle's choice... and we will be supportive in whatever way we possibly can," Michelle's dad tells him. 


5:19 PM:

Michelle's dad is concerned about Matt being in love with multiple women -- but she's super into him. 

She mentions Matt's work with kids in New York, and how they really connected. 

"If we were to propose now, would you say yes?" her dad asks. 

Michelle nods -- and tears up. (Side note: really? Is she in love with Matt yet?) She mentions her parents getting her through a really hard place.

"Going into my conversation with Matt, I hope to see if they are at the same stage in this relationship," Michelle's dad tells the camera. 

Michelle's Parents

5:16 PM:

Matt and Michelle arrive at an unexplored part of Nemacolin to meet Michelle's parents, and they're so cute. 

She tears up immediately while hugging her mom. "My family's opinion means a lot, and... I'm hoping they'll be 100% supportive," Michelle tells the camera. 

The group sits down, and Michelle reveals to her parents she was a late arrival -- but it all worked out, because Matt was super into her and requested a one-on-one the next day. 

The Reason Why

5:10 PM:

Michelle says it was "super emotional" getting to see her students again, and she tells Matt that having a partner that gets that has been her missing piece. 

"My parents were hesitant at first for me to put everything on pause... you were completely my reason why," she says. 

Michelle and Matt kiss. "I'm falling in love with Matt, and I think my family -- they're going to have no problem falling in love with him too," she tells the camera. 



5:09 PM:

One kiss-a** child Elise reads an inspiring letter Michelle wrote to her, and asks Matt how he's going to inspire her. 

We identify with this child and we respect this child. 


5:06 PM:

Michelle and Matt bike over to her makeshift classroom, where she plans to put him in the hot seat. 

They walk into a theater, and Michelle's students are displayed across a big screen. 

"This is Mr. James!" Michelle introduces Matt to the kids -- who are loaded with tough questions for him. 

"Are you going to give Ms. Young a rose?" one kid asks, while another asks whether they've kissed. 

Matt shows how they're holding hands, but that's not satisfactory for the next kid, who wants to know if they're going to have babies. 


5:05 PM:

"I'm looking forward to bringing little pieces of Minnesota to Nemacolin," Michelle tells the camera. 

She wants to show Matt a new side of her, but we're not sure that's necessary because she and Matt are wearing matching outfits. So in sync!!!!

They go for a little bike ride and it's cute and we love Michelle. 

Hometowns But Not at Home

5:04 PM:

The women's families have flown in since they can't actually leave quarantine for their hometown date.

Serena's mom, dad and sister have arrived, and same for Rachael, who Chris calls "Rach." OK. 

Michelle's mom and dad are here, and Bri's best friend, mom and baby sister came to support her. 

Michelle is up first!

Arms and Abs

5:02 PM:

Matt prepares to take things to the next level with his ladies by getting a workout in. Today, it's arms and abs. 

"I'm nervous. I hope that these conversations and interactions with the family go well today. You only get one first impression," Matt says, noting that a family's disapproval can drive a wedge between a relationship. 

Jumping Out of a Plane

5:00 PM:

Families are here -- and Matt is "nervous." There are smiles, there are tears and there is Matt and Rachael jumping out of a plane and we're about to see it all go down. 

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. 


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