'The Bachelorette': Brayden Survives Despite Claims He's Immature, Acting Like He's on 'Spring Break'

Brayden Bowers
ABC/Ricky Middlesworth

Adrian accused the travel nurse of treating the show like 'spring break.'

Charity Lawson is keeping Brayden around. On Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette, Charity was warned the 24-year-old travel nurse is immature and treating the show like "spring break," but opted to give him a rose anyway.

The week started on a much more positive note when Aaron B. landed the first one-on-one date of the season. The duo had a classic date, with Charity picking Aaron up in a red convertible and driving him to the Hollywood sign where they enjoyed a champagne picnic before climbing up to the iconic letters.

"I haven't felt this spark in a minute... it just feels so good," Aaron told Charity, who was left wondering if their connection was "too good to be true." 

On the nighttime portion of their date, Aaron confessed that he wasn't always the best boyfriend, before sharing that he worked to fix his issues in therapy.

"There's nothing more attractive than someone who's going to put in the work to become a better person for their future partner," Charity told the cameras.

With that, the pair enjoyed a private concert from Lauren Alaina, during which Charity awarded Aaron a rose.

"If this is a sign of what's to come," Charity said in a confessional, "it's really good." 

A group date followed, and what started out as a low-key day on the beach for Dotun, Tanner, Adrian, John, Caleb A., Caleb B., Kaleb K., Xavier, James, Aaron S., Sean and Brayden turned into a dodgeball game. The men, donning itty bitty swimsuit briefs, went all out to compete for the chance to attend the after-party with Charity. After five games, the pink team came out victorious. Despite being on the losing green team, Adrian got an after-party invite too, as he was selected as Charity's MVP.

Brayden chatted with her first and left felling "very sure I'm her number one pick." When he left that conversation, he stirred up trouble with Adrian by claiming he shouldn't have been the MVP. Adrian was annoyed, but continued into his conversation with Charity ready to share that he has a 1-year-old daughter. He did just that, before telling the Bachelorette that some guys were acting like they're on "spring break" in the house. Afterward, Charity made it clear to the men that she was "not interested" in that behavior, before awarding the rose to John, who took her "by surprise in the best way."

The second group date of the week saw John Henry, Michael, Warwick, Joey, Spencer and Josh be put through the wringer by Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia as they competed to break the record for the longest kiss in Bachelor history. After answering intimate questions, making out with their hands, and telling stories about a memorable kiss, Charity selected Joey as the winner.

As the other men watched the more than four-minute-long make-out session, they were uncomfortable, but no one was more mad about the situation than Brayden, who wasn't even on the date. He told the cameras it made him "feel like a chump" and insisted if he'd been on the date, he wouldn't have sat there and watched.

"Tonight I'm going to go and back my bags," he said. "To be honest, I don't know if this is someone I can have a relationship with."

Meanwhile, Joey enjoyed his won one-on-one time, and used it to open up about his parents' divorce, which came after his dad came out as gay. Ultimately, Joey got the rose as Charity told the cameras, "I really do feel safe with him." 

The following day, in lieu of a cocktail party, the men had a barbecue with Charity. Dotun showed Charity "husband qualities," Tanner promised her he's there for the right reason, and Sean helped Charity with her golf swing.

Then it was Brayden's turn, and he told the cameras, "If I don't hear what I need to hear from her, then I'm just gonna get up and go home." He told Charity he found the kissing date to be "very disrespectful" and said that it left him with "a lot of doubt" in her character. She took the critique in stride, thanking Brayden for his honesty, but changed her tune a bit when Adrian accused Brayden of using the word "classless" to describe the kissing date.

Despite her reservations, Charity kept Brayden around during the rose ceremony, also awarding roses to Dotun, Tanner, Caleb B., Warwick, Michael, Sean, Xavier, Aaron S., James and Adrian.

The drama is just getting started, though, as the preview for next week shows a cocky Brayden bragging about having a rose on his chest and lip gloss on his lips.

"I don't have time to continue to deal with foolishness," Charity says. "Can that rose be taken back? Absolutely. Who's to say I can't clip that s**t off." 

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