'The Bachelorette' Episode 5 Recap: Logan Successfully Flip Flops from Rachel to Gabby

The videographer stole the spotlight on Monday's episode of the series.

Logan successfully pulled off a switcheroo on Monday's episode of The Bachelorette. The videographer took much of the spotlight during the latest episode of the series, as he jumped from Team Rachel to Team Gabby, all of which ET is breaking down in the recap below.

Rachel was left confused and annoyed by Logan's confession, so much so that she canceled a group date to process her emotions. Gabby checked with Rachel before inviting Logan over to her side, and while the pilot gave her OK, she privately hoped her co-lead would send the guy packing. 

Things turned around for Rachel when she had a romantic one-on-one date, and Gabby discovered a new romantic connection when it was her turn for a night out with one of her guys.

When it came time for the rose ceremony, the men were left shocked by who the roses were handed out to.

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Logan Breaks Up With Rachel

Logan entered the week with his mind "ping ponging" between Rachel and Gabby, and when he found his name on the group date card he decided it was time to confess to the pilot.

He surprised Rachel at her room ahead of the date, and told her that he was "honored" to accept her roses, but the "strong connection" he formed with Gabby on night one had been holding him back.

"At the end of the night, I originally thought I was going to receive a rose from Gabby. It’s been hard for me, moving forward, to kind of forget about that connection," he said. "... I can’t go today and I’m going to have to step away from pursuing things with you."

Rachel handled the situation well in front of Logan, but the continued rejection caused her to break down in a confessional.

"Everyone is leaving me. It’s the rejection that just feels really awful," she told the cameras. "... Something’s clearly wrong with me, but I don’t know... This is supposed to be my time to find someone, and everyone’s rejected me, week after week after week... Why don’t they all just leave, so at least I don’t have to say I quit."

As she dealt with her emotions, Rachel canceled her group date because she couldn't go there "and act like I don’t feel like a huge loser."

"The worst part about Logan is the whole time he was just seeing how far he could get before he could switch to Gabby," Rachel cried in a confessional. "... This is two weeks before Hometowns that this is happening. I should have at least seven guys who want to be here for me and I don’t. I’m literally such a failure as a Bachelorette." 

After a heart-to-heart with host Jesse Palmer, who assured Rachel that it'd be "impossible" to be a perfect lead, Rachel agreed to go to the after-party portion of her group date. While most of the guys were understanding after Rachel explained the situation, Tino was upset by the canceled portion of the date.

"I want to be your person, that’s why I’m here. I want to be your best friend," Tino told Rachel. "... I’ll take any piece of you, any day, and today we lost something that I know we could’ve made an amazing memory. Today hurt a little bit. It made me feel a little unseen." 

The honesty worked for Rachel who offered Tino the rose at the end of the night.

Team Gabby Adds a Member

After breaking things off with Rachel, Logan went to have a conversation with Gabby, telling her that he was "on fire" for her the first night. Gabby confirmed that Logan's feelings weren't one-sided, and confessed of herself and Rachel, "You were pretty much our only overlap in the beginning." 

Despite her initial feelings for Logan, Gabby said she "completely backed away" after hearing about his connection with Rachel. As such, Gabby told Logan she's have to talk things over with Rachel before making up her mind.

During that conversation, Rachel lamented how "humiliating" the whole thing was, and said she wondered how long Logan would've accepted her roses before jumping ship.

"I don’t want you to be thinking about me so much that, if you genuinely think something could be there, you lose it," Rachel told Gabby, who admitted that she would like to "explore it more" with Logan. 

"I don’t think Logan is trustworthy. He strung me along for weeks and I just really don’t want that to happen to Gabby in the future and for her to feel as bad as I do right now," Rachel said in a confessional after giving Gabby her blessing. "At the end of the day, I’m going to support her no matter what, but I really hope Gabby sends him home." 

Gabby went on a group date next; she and her guys went on a boat, made waffles, played soccer with kids and hit each other in the face with fish. After a great day out and about in Belgium, Gabby's guys were shocked to see Logan strut into the after-party.

"I got word today that she wants me to have an opportunity to pursue her," Logan told Gabby's other suitors after explaining that he'd ended things with Rachel.

Nate was left "confused" by the addition, Spencer said that Logan's arrival made him "question how strong is my relationship with Gabby," and Erich was wondering if the videographer was "calculated" in his decisions. At the end of the night, despite a good conversation with Logan, Gabby ended up awarding the group date rose to Nate.

Rachel Can See Herself Falling in Love With Aven

Rachel put the negativity behind her during a picture-perfect one-on-one date with Aven, someone she said she feels "really safe" with. They rode a horse-drawn carriage, wandered around the city and enjoyed a chocolate shop, before entering into a romantic nighttime date.

As Rachel prepared herself for "the other shoe to drop," Aven opened up about his childhood, during which time his relationship with his mom was "through a phone." They "got really close" as he got older, though, and he recently gifted him a rubber bracelet that she made.

"Kind of seeing how these last couple weeks have been tough for you, I think if you hold onto it for a while, maybe it will turn your experience and all this around," Aven told Rachel as he offered her the bracelet. She, in turn, offered him a rose.

"I’ve never felt this strong of a connection, or this natural of a connection, so quickly," Aven told the cameras. "... I really do see Rachel as someone who could be my future wife." 

"I could easily see myself falling in love with Aven," Rachel said in a confessional, "and I feel like I’m almost there."

'It's Just the Beginning' With Gabby and Johnny

Gabby was excited leading up to her date with Johnny, telling the cameras, "He’s so macho and too cool for school, which normally I’d hate, but he pulls it off because he’s so goofy." 

The pair's date kicked off in a brewery as they enjoyed a beer flight, sat in a beer bath, gave each other massages and got silly together.

Entering into the nighttime portion of the date, Gabby questioned if things could get deeper with Johnny. He quickly proved that they could as he opened up about his struggles with depression and self-confidence. Gabby revealed her similar struggles with anxiety and depression, and how she's felt "broken" in the past.

Gabby gave Johnny the rose and praised him in a confessional for his "willingness to be vulnerable."

"All the things he’s scared to put forth are the things I love the most," Gabby told the cameras of Johnny. "... I know it’s just the beginning for us."

Logan's Gamble Pays Off

At the cocktail party, Gabby gifted Nate Belgian chocolate for his daughter and Logan wondered about his "pretty slim" odds before the rose ceremony began.

When the rose ceremony got underway, Gabby handed out roses to Jason, Spencer, Erich and Logan, while Rachel did so to Zach, Tyler and Ethan. Meatball went home on Rachel's side, while Mario and Michael were eliminated for Team Gabby.

Logan was shocked and thrilled by the turn of events, telling the cameras, "It’s an even playing field now and it’s anyone’s game, so it might as well be my game."

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