'The Bachelorette' Preview: Blake Says He's 'Not in Love' as Hometown Dates Near

The late addition to Katie Thurston's season raises some eyebrows with the show's latest preview.

Katie Thurston's final seven men are bringing the drama. At the end of Monday night's episode of The Bachelorette, fans got a sneak peek at next week's intense episode, which will show many men falling deeper for the leading lady while one appears to question things.

The preview kicks off with Greg stating, "I think that I found the love of my life," before Mike P. sweetly whispers in Katie's ear, "I’d rather have my heart broken 100 times over than break somebody’s heart."

The outpouring of love affects Katie emotionally, as she realizes, "I’ve always said that I wanted a good guy. Then I get handed a group of them. I want to narrow in on who my person is."

Meanwhile, Andrew S. tells Katie he's "really" falling for her, while Michael A. insists, "No one can love you like I can."

As her relationships continue to grow with each week, Katie recognizes, "At this point, each rose I give out means Hometowns."

Blake, though, appears to be at the center of the drama once more, as he states during a confessional, "I'm desperate. My back’s against the wall. I told her I’m not in love with her."

The preview flashes to Katie crying next, as she agonizes over which men to continue her journey with and hopes that everything works out in the end.

"This is so hard. There is this possibility of sending home the wrong person," she says. "The one thing that’s keeping me going is the hope that this is all worth it in the end."

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