'The Bachelorette': Hannah Brown Blows Up on Cam Over His 'Pity Rose'

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Hannah Brown's journey to find love continues -- and so does the drama. 

ET was live blogging week three of Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, and just as the promos promised, we got some "scheming and slimy" behavior... as well as a few makeout sessions. 

After crashing the group date in last week's episode, Cam was back to his attention-grabbing ways. Luke P., meanwhile, didn't seem to like sharing Hannah very much (but you're on The Bachelorette, dude!) and the blonde beauty started to make deeper connections with some of the other men. 

Hannah told ET last week that she had to force herself to pump the breaks on her relationship with Luke in order to give other guys a chance. 

"I was really struggling last episode, like, 'Hey, it's not just Luke P.,'" she shared. "Like, 'All right, that's a lot at one time. Let me not go all in like that right now, because if I do that, what am I going to do the rest of the time?' So, I really did have to pump the breaks just for myself with him, because I am that one that would just zero in on somebody... and Luke P. was very easy for me to zero in on."

But Luke ended up with a rose this week -- and Cam didn't. Scroll down for our minute-by-minute breakdown of everything that happened this season, including Cam's failed quest for a "pity rose." 

Next Week, on 'The Bachelorette'

7:00 PM:

Jed and Hannah kiss, Peter is Hannah's boyfriend, and the guys get violent in the dramatic teaser. 

Mike is confronting Luke, Luke is having a hard time handling it, and someone leaves somewhere in an ambulance. Hannah's crying, it's raining, and our Bachelorette gets ferocious again over someone's comment about her sexuality. 

Bye, Cam!

6:56 PM:

Joey, Jonathan and Cam are eliminated. 

"It's a tough pill to swallow, to hear someone who you pour your heart out to call you calculated, it sucks," Cam tells the camera, crying over how vulnerable he was. 

Hannah doesn't look back -- she's on to "new adventures!"

The Roses

6:55 PM:

Luke P. gets a rose this week, but Hannah left Cam waiting until the very end of the rose ceremony. 

"Kevin," she called out, sealing Cam's fate. See ya!

A Dark Look from Hannah

6:52 PM:

Hannah goes dark! The Bachelorette is sporting a deep red lip with a slinky red number and WE ARE HERE FOR IT. 

We're also here for her sending Cam home -- let's see if she actually does it. 

Rose Ceremony Time!

6:47 PM:

Chris reappears, and it's time for the rose ceremony.

"Know if you're getting a rose, it's not a pity rose," Hannah hisses. You go, girl!

Hannah Confronts Cam

6:43 PM:

"I did appreciate you telling me what you did today... I was told that you thought you were going home today and let all the guys know. I think it's an interesting time to bring up this story in a ditch effort to stay," Hannah tells Cam. 

Hannah goes on, saying she heard the word "pity rose," and Cam IS OFFENDED. "It feels very manipulative at the timing of it." 

Cam admits he was writing goodbye letters to the guys, thought he was going home and Hannah is not here for it. "I'm having a hard time right now, and I need to think about it," she tells him, and they go their separate ways. 

"This is my worst nightmare," Cam tells the camera. "Right now, my integrity is in question." 

The Pity Rose...

6:43 PM:

Mike tells Hannah that Cam wanted to tell her a sob story to get a "pity rose" -- which we didn't hear, but we kind of believe actually happened. 

Hannah is understandably pissed. "I really did appreciate him being vulnerable, but I feel like what Cam did today was a little bit manipulative," she tells the camera. "I don't give pity roses." 

Tyler's Tight End

6:41 PM:

Hannah gets a handful of Tyler's "tight end" -- but he's not the only one she's having fun with. 

When it comes time to talk to Mike, however, he's ready to SPILL THE TEA. 

Ugh, Cam

6:34 PM:

Hannah tells the camera she doesn't want to "hear anything tragic" after the stressful week she's had, but Cam's determined to change that. 

"This is not an easy conversation for me to have," Cam starts to tell Hannah, revealing that he was supposed to have his leg amputated in 2014. "The day before I got surgery, I got a call from my dad that my grandma had passed away. The most recent surgery that I had... hit me the hardest. I had a 10-month-old puppy at the time that I was super close to that I had to rehome." 

(Side note: WHAT IS THIS STORY???)

Cam, however, is happy to give Hannah the "full story of who I am." WHO ARE YOU? 

No Cocktail Party This Week

6:31 PM:

Chris Harrison greets the men to inform them that there's no cocktail party this week -- but rather a tailgate instead!

Cam confesses he feels his time here in jeopardy and hopes to get a rose. Then he tells the guys that he needs to tell Hannah about something "serious" in his past. "There's a strong likelihood it might be too much for her to handle and she sends me home before the rose ceremony," he says -- leaving the men confused. 

"BS, no. There's no rules of engagement," Mike speaks up. 

Laying Down the Law (Again)

6:25 PM:

Before wrapping up the night, Hannah takes Luke aside for one more conversation.

"I really like you, OK?" Hannah tells him, but holds her ground that he needs to cool down. He says he's happy she told him, and it looks like he's still in the competition -- for now. 

Peter ends up getting the rose!

Luke Does a 180

6:22 PM:

"I can't say that I'm in love with her," Luke tells the guys (just days after he was "starting to fall in love" with Hannah, admitting that he was considering leaving that night. "I'm just ready to see if she really is that." 

Hannah, however, has a charming conversation with Peter, who reveals his mom also has a pageant past. "I can't stop thinking about you, and I love that," Peter says with a smile. "I'm super happy." 

They kiss and their connection IS CLEAR. "I'm falling very hard," Peter says, using Hannah's full name. (We're honestly impressed he bothered to ask what it was). 

"I'm so happy, this is awesome. That could be be my wife right there," he gushes. "That was the smoothest takeover I've ever had, and this is going to be the greatest flight of my life, for sure." 

Hannah's Calling the Shots

6:20 PM:

Hannah wraps up her time with Garrett, and Luke is boiling in the hallway waiting for her. 

"I promise I'm going to talk to you again, but I don't wanna do this right now, OK? Let me talk to everybody," she tells Luke. "I want to call my own shots." 

The Bachelorette then grabs Peter for some alone time, while Luke storms off. 

Luke Is Losing It

6:15 PM:

Luke is losing it -- and gets fired up over Peter also waiting for time with her.

"If this guy wants to sink his own ship, I'm not going to get in his way," Peter says. 

Luke's Mad

6:13 PM:

"I don't feel like I've been acting that way," Luke tells the camera, insisting he's going to act like the conversation "never happened." 

He then tries to interrupt Hannah's time with another guy. "I just need to get something off my chest with her real quick." 

"I will talk to you later, OK?" Hannah tells him... only for Luke to try to interrupt her time with another man. 

The guys start to notice that Luke is "unstable" and starting to "self-implode." 

Confronting Luke P.

6:09 PM:

Hannah makes a toast to having a great night, and tells Luke P. it's time to talk. 

"Luke P. stole the show again, but in a negative way," she tells the camera, explaining that she's seen "little red flags." 

"I feel like you already feel like it's promised to  you, and that bothers me a lot. I feel like your confidence in this kind of makes me irritated," she tells Luke P., who tries to interrupt. "I want you to focus on me, and you do that, but you don't respect that I have other relationships." 

"It's cocky in a way. I don't like that at all," she continues. "I want it to change." 

Getting Hot and Heavy

6:04 PM:

Hannah and Pilot Peter get steamy during the photo shoot, and Luke P. is freaking out. To compensate, he has Hannah balance on his back while doing push-ups, and then tries to follow her to her dressing room. 

"He doesn't have to be beside me the whole time to know that we're good," Hannah tells the camera, saying she'd like Luke to "slow his roll." 

Passing the Test

6:02 PM:

Demi admits that she'd be "f**ked" if they spied on her during her season. "Who knows what I would have said," she jokes. 

So far, the guys are doing alright -- including Luke P. 

Demi Is Back!!

6:00 PM:

The one and only Demi Burnett is back to monitor the guys through hidden cameras. She's ready to put guys to the test and see how they react to interacting with attractive women when Hannah's not watching. 

Photo Shoot Time!

5:58 PM:

For this week's group date, Hannah and her men will be posing with animals! 

Bye, Tyler G.?

5:56 PM:

Last week's one-on-one winner, Tyler G., is mysteriously out of the competition. 

"Tyler G. had to leave, and that's upsetting, because I really enjoyed my date with him," Hannah tells the camera. 

Getting Straight to Business

5:50 PM:

Connor meets Hannah, who gives him a rose right away. 

"Today you made me feel so special. Connor, will you accept this rose?" she asks, before they kiss and head to a private Lukas Graham concert. 

Date Part 2

5:48 PM:

A chauffeur arrives to take Connor to part two of his date, but all we're thinking is HOW DID THESE GUYS GET PIZZA DELIVERED AT THE MANSION? 

Chicken nuggets, pizza -- is it just us, or are they having a lot more takeout this season? 

Hannah Finds the Notes

5:47 PM:

Hannah finds the notes Connor left her with all the things he loves about her.

"I was surprised to find all my notes from Connor," she tells the camera. "It's super sweet for him to take that time to show me how much he cares. I loved it!" 

OK, Luke

5:40 PM:

Luke thinks it's his "job" to take care of Hannah -- and says if he were on this date, he just "wouldn't leave." OK...

Connor, meanwhile, gets emotional with Hannah, recalling the time his mother had a stroke. "From that situation, I learned how strong my parents' relationship was," he explains. "It just showed me, that's what I aspire to have in my life, and the love that I want." 

"It is an honor to know what you've been through and see how that shaped the man you are today," Hannah replies, before telling Connor to get out so she can sleep. "Doctor's orders," she says. 

Before heading out, Connor peppers her house with Post-It notes with sweet messages (was this really his idea?).

The Date Starts

5:38 PM:

Connor heads to Hannah's house, where she greets him with a kiss -- "I'm not contagious," she insists. 

She explains that she passed out upon waking up, and that they pumped her with fluids at the hospital. They sit in bed and kiss, because that's the best medicine?? 

Hannah's in the Hospital

5:36 PM:

We're back from commercial break, and Hannah's in the hospital, but we don't know what happened -- and neither does Connor. 

He's instead sent a message from Hannah asking him to meet her at her place, and he goes to buy flowers and a card for her. "I want to be there through the ups and downs," he says. 

Mike Gets the Rose!

5:31 PM:

Mike gets the rose, and Cam is mad because he quit his job.

"I've always been a fighter, through and through, and love is worth fighting for," he tells the camera. 

A Badass Woman

5:30 PM:

Tyler wants to fuel Hannah's fire and support her in whatever she wants to do as a badass woman. He also offers to be her arm candy -- which had both her and us laughing. 

Connor Gets a One-on-One

5:29 PM:

And he's going to "set sail" on his love story! 

Luke P. is highly territorial -- we have a feeling we'll see more of this side later. 

Chicken Nuggets

5:26 PM:

Cam confides in John Paul Jones, but promises he won't "get physical" with Jonathan. 

John Paul Jones eats chicken nuggets (where are they getting all of these????) and the men all sit around staring at each other. 

"You got something you want to say?" Jonathan asks Cam. 

"I'm actually kind of fascinated by that man -- I just didn't think you had it in you," Cam replies. 

Cam Finally Gets His Time

5:24 PM:

So, what does he need to say? 

"I actually had to resign from my job, and I want you to know that I chose to be here for you, and I don't want any of the guys to get in the way of that," Cam says. 

Jonathan walks in to interrupt Cam, and they fight over "two more minutes." "What goes around, comes around," he hisses at Cam as they awkwardly fight over Hannah near the door. AND WE MEAN AWKWARDLY. 

Getting Heated

5:20 PM:

"Sit your ass down," Mike tells the camera of his reaction to Cam interrupting him. "He's gonna quickly realize, you're not going to play that way with me." 

Mike Opens Up

5:18 PM:

Big Mike is next for one-on-one time with Hannah, and he gets vulnerable. He reveals that his ex got pregnant, he was ready to propose, and they lost the baby. "Today, it reminded me of that," he says, getting emotional. "It was my fault, because I wasn't there for her at the time." 

Hannah appreciates Mike opening up, and then CAM WALKS IN and tells Hannah he'll be outside waiting for her. He doesn't walk out, and Mike has to tell him to GTFO while he finishes his story. Mike and Hannah kiss and then Cam comes back. 

"Please, I haven't had any time," Cam pleads. IT IS SO AWKWARD. 

Cam Keeps Talking

5:16 PM:

Cam opens his mouth, and no matter what he says, the guys won't be happy with it. Hot Tyler seems to scare him back in his shell. 


Showing Initiative With a Chicken Nugget

5:15 PM:

Jed takes the "first real step in our relationship" by encouraging Hannah to make a wish with a chicken nugget and throw it off the rooftop. 


Cheers to a Painless Night!

5:13 PM:

It's time for the night portion of the date, and Hannah's ready for a "good, relaxing cocktail party" after putting her men through some pain. 

First up is Jed, and Hannah can't stop gushing about him. They talk about how small Nashville is, and how Hannah wants to visit. Jed jokes about trying to "arrange" that, before assuring her that he's here for the right reasons. They kiss and their connection is evident -- we think Jed's going to go far.

Labor Pains

5:08 PM:

"That really hurts a lot," Jed tells the camera after experiencing the pain of labor. 

One by one, the men are put through the ringer (did they have to sign a release for this?). Hot Tyler is still hot, even in pain, and John Paul Jones' reaction was hilariously overboard. 

Put to the Test

5:05 PM:

Jason and Jenny test the guys on sex and pregnancy -- and Jason kicks things off with a joke about how guys love practicing "making babies... except for Colton." 

"Yeah!" Hannah cheers. 

Cam struggles with the questions, but that portion of the test doesn't last long. Hannah's pinching people's nipples, men are trying to care for baby dolls, and then Jason and Jenny simulate labor. 

First Group Date -- and Cam's Actually Invited This Time

5:03 PM:

The guys aren't happy about Cam being invited on this week's first group date after he decided to crash last week's.

Hannah, however, is focused on "pushing our love to the limits" as she introduces the men to Jason Biggs and Jenny Mollen -- who are going to teach the group something about parenthood (and pain).

Things Are Getting Real

5:01 PM:

Chris Harrison visits the guys in the mansion, and reminds them that their time with Hannah is fleeting. "You guys have a fun week ahead of you," he says, dropping off the first date card. 

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