'The Bachelorette': Hannah Brown Blows Up on Cam Over His 'Pity Rose'

We got some 'scheming and slimy' behavior this week... as well as a few makeout sessions. 

Hannah Brown's journey to find love continues -- and so does the drama. 

ET was live blogging week three of Hannah's season of The Bachelorette, and just as the promos promised, we got some "scheming and slimy" behavior... as well as a few makeout sessions. 

After crashing the group date in last week's episode, Cam was back to his attention-grabbing ways. Luke P., meanwhile, didn't seem to like sharing Hannah very much (but you're on The Bachelorette, dude!) and the blonde beauty started to make deeper connections with some of the other men. 

Hannah told ET last week that she had to force herself to pump the breaks on her relationship with Luke in order to give other guys a chance. 

"I was really struggling last episode, like, 'Hey, it's not just Luke P.,'" she shared. "Like, 'All right, that's a lot at one time. Let me not go all in like that right now, because if I do that, what am I going to do the rest of the time?' So, I really did have to pump the breaks just for myself with him, because I am that one that would just zero in on somebody... and Luke P. was very easy for me to zero in on."

But Luke ended up with a rose this week -- and Cam didn't. Scroll down for our minute-by-minute breakdown of everything that happened this season, including Cam's failed quest for a "pity rose." 

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