'Bachelorette' Hannah Brown Gets Real in Promo: 'I Have Had Sex and Jesus Still Loves Me!'

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It's time for season 15 of The Bachelorette

Hannah Brown officially kicked off her journey to find love -- and ET was live blogging along the way. 

The 24-year-old former pageant queen was announced as our next Bachelorette on Colton Underwood's After the Final Rose in March. It was a choice Bachelor Nation didn't see coming, including Brown herself. 

"I was the villain. I was the emotional trainwreck," she admitted to ET at her first Bachelorette photo shoot. "I didn't just coast through at all. I wasn't just coasting in the back corner, that's for sure."

"I didn't expect it," she said. "I knew that I had laid it all out there at the end of this and I'd really grown and my experience was amazing. I really believed in the process, and even though it wasn't my love story, I do believe it can happen for people and it has obviously in the past."

Just days later, she headed off to meet her 30 eligible bachelors; host Chris Harrison told us to keep an eye on John Paul Jones, Peter, Dylan and more. 

We were right here during the episode with a play-by-play of the most memorable limo exits, night one drama and what went down with Demi and Katie in the surveillance van outside the mansion. To finding fierce love! Check out what went down below. 

Promo Time!

6:56 PM:

Hannah says in the promo that she wants someone to grab a hold of her and say, "That's my woman!" 

Someone has a "rubber," there's a lot of kissing, there's love in the air, and you can cut the sexual tension with a knife, according to Hannah. 

Jed's in love, Hannah's kissing Luke P. and the MEN ARE FIGHTING. Luke P. is getting a lot of screen time and a guy leaves in an ambulance. 

"I don't owe you anything at this point," Hannah fiercely tells a mystery man. Ouch! 

Things take a turn when the conversation is revealed to be about getting intimate. "I have had sex, and Jesus still loves me," she says. WHAT A PROMO!

John Paul Jones

6:48 PM:

John Paul Jones accepts his rose "with gratitude." 

Ryan, Matt Donald, Thomas, Box King and Chasen are out, and it's officially daytime! 

"I am certainly bummed out that I couldn't have done more," Chasen says as the other men celebrate inside. "I can't stress enough how happy I am for her. Really." Sweet!

Next Up

6:45 PM:

Connor S., Matthew, Connor J. and Jed get roses, while Peter and Garrett express their fears. 

Dustin, Joey, Peter, Dylan, Matteo and more get roses. Now she's calling guys' names who we don't recognize. Both Tylers make the cut, as does Aaron. 


Handing Out the Roses

6:43 PM:

"It's been a long night... but I've been so appreciative of every conversation I've had with you all," Hannah says. "I'm just having to go with what my heart tells me to do, and I'm really thankful that you came to meet me tonight." 

Mike gets the night's first rose, and Hannah adorably has trouble figuring out how to pin it on him. 

Time for the Rose Ceremony

6:37 PM:

After the first impression rose, Chris Harrison reappears to let everyone know it's time for the rose ceremony.

"Thank you all so much for just being here tonight and sharing your hearts with me. Unfortunately, we had something happen tonight that did take a lot of time, so for those of you I didn't get to talk to, I am sorry for that," Hannah tells her guys. "I have really big decisions to make. I just gotta go with my gut, what my heart tells me to do, and I'll see you at the rose ceremony."

The guys are nervous and one man feels like he got a "bullet in the foot" -- is that a thing? 

First Impression Rose -- and Another Kiss!

6:34 PM:

Both go to Luke P.!

"I just want to say, you said to me that you already felt something as soon as I saw me, and I feel the exact same way. I'm excited when I get to talk to you, and I look forward to getting to know you better. So, I really like you, and I wanted you to know that. So Luke, will you accept this rose?" Hannah asks. 

"Without a doubt," Luke replies. "Seriously though, I just want you to know that this means the world to me… I feel like I'm living an absolute dream right now."

"Thank you, seriously," he says into a kiss and THEY'RE MAKING OUT, YO!

Second Kiss of the Night!

6:32 PM:

Connor SOUNDS LIKE SUCH A BRO, but Hannah's really into him. 

"I actually walked out and saw you and felt so comfortable," he tells Hannah, and they kiss!

"We had a good conversation and sealed it with a kiss," Connor tells the camera. "It was good!" 


6:29 PM:

Hannah's crying and freezing by the pool, and none other than Luke P. heads out to comfort her. 

"I just want to encourage you... It hurts me to see you so caught off guard by that," Luke tells Hannah. 

"I don't know you guys, I don't know why you're here… to find out he had a girlfriend on Monday? I'm trying to just trust it will be OK, but I don't know how people can do that," Hannah admits. 

"I just want you to know that I am here for you. I'm not here to earn a couple roses. I'm here to win your heart, and I'm here for you," Luke says as they share a sweet moment. 

"The drama with Scott totally f**ked me up a little in the head," Hannah confesses. "The guys have been so sweet and so affirming to me. Even though I'm still a little nervous, I am hopeful that this can work."

Hannah Tells the Guys

6:23 PM:

"Hey. So, Scott, he had a girlfriend back home. The first thing I said when I got here was my greatest fear was somebody was not going to be real and wasn't here for the right reasons, for me. And it's already happened, so if there's anybody else that has something else back home, please leave now, because that's so disheartening and so disrespectful to me and everybody else here, that's here for this for real," Hannah informs the rest of the guys. "So like, anybody? I need a second because that was totally ridiculous. OK."

Bye, Scott!

6:22 PM:

"I can also say that you just dated Colton for the last two, three months… This is the same exact thing," Scott tells Hannah, sealing his fate if it wasn't already. 

"You are such a jerk and it's not the same at all… that is f**ked! You know what? I'm done with this. There's no reason for you to be here," Hannah replies. "It's time for you to head out. …Let's go."

Preach, Hannah!

6:20 PM:

Hannah drops the "right reasons." "You're taking up so much time… If you're not here for what I'm wanting, then it's your chance to leave. I want answers right now," she says. 

Scott admits to dating the woman "up until Monday." "If that bothers you, I'm sorry," he says. 

"The end of this is an engagement. So on Monday, you were just in a relationship with someone else," Hannah says, shutting down Scott when he tries to interrupt her. "How dare you come here and think this is OK. How is that being serious about this?"

Hannah Confronts Scott

6:18 PM:

"So, I knew you were nervous coming in today. It might be because you have a girlfriend!" Hannah tells Scott, bringing him aside. 

"I don't have a girlfriend," Scott says in a panic. He talks himself in circles, but Hannah's not buying it! 

"Everything that I'm saying to you has been real and honest up to this point… I had no idea how this was going to go," he tries to explain. "I can understand how it would come off this way, but that's not... She's not my girlfriend."

Target Aquired

6:10 PM:

Something clicks, and Demi realizes that Scott is the guy with a girlfriend.

He tells Hannah he's here to find love, doesn't know she did interior design (he totally did), and wants them to design their dream home. 

"Oh my god, what a douche! We have to warn her!" Demi says. Yes! 

Chris gets Hannah and brings her to Demi, who updates her on the situation. And she's got receipts.

Surveillance Van Time

6:08 PM:

Demi and Katie roll up in a surveillance van, and Demi reveals that she's here to find the guy she thinks has a girlfriend. They're "Hannah's Angels" and ready to bring this guy to justice!

A Musician!

6:07 PM:

There's always one, and this season, it's Jed. 

He's singing to Hannah, and she LOVES IT. "I'm so lucky!" she gushes. 

First Kiss

6:01 PM:

The guys are all gushing over Hannah and she's finding faith in the process. 

Hannah sits down with Cam again, and he puts the moves on her.

"You're Hannah Beast… you were so much energy and so much fun, and that's what I want in a life partner… I don't kiss on the first date, but seeing as this is technically our second date, may I kiss you, Hannah?" he asks -- AND THEY KISS. 

With that, Chris Harrison brings in the first impression rose. 

Bachelorette Party!

6:00 PM:

Why has noone thought of this before? 

Connor throws Hannah a Bachelorette party, and it's the greatest thing ever. They play "Junk in the Trunk" and it's adorable. "Don't touch my junk! Not yet!" Hannah teases. 

She wins their little competition, and gets crowned like the pageant queen she is. 

The First Steal

5:57 PM:

Luke P. is the first one to steal Hannah away, and we're pretty sure Taylor Swift's "Trouble" was written about him. 

He's a hottie with a way with words and Hannah's clearly smitten. He's "blown away" by their interaction. Sure. 

Mike is next, and he praises Hannah for her strength because he's the nicest guy ever. 


5:55 PM:

Hannah's set on redeeming herself with a toast this time around. 

"I want to say, first off, thank you. I'm just really thankful that you all said yes to taking this chance with me. I'm not perfect. I'm going to stumble over my words. I'm going to make mistakes and you are too. I don't want perfect. I want real. I'm going to be real with you and I want you to be real in return with me," she says. "And if you're not, if that's not what you want, then I'm not the girl for you."

Since I've been announced the Bachelorette, it's been hard to feel like I deserve all of this and all you guys. And it wasn't until tonight, each of you, the few moments we had together made me feel like I deserve this and I deserve to find love. And because of that, I can say that I can see my husband in this room," she continues. "It's so crazy. But with that being said, raise your glass to a start of a wondeful night and the beginning an amazing, imperfect journey to find love. Nailed it!"

Still a First Impression Rose

5:49 PM:

Hannah already gave Cam a rose on ATFR, but she's got another first impression rose to give out tonight. Wahoo!

Pilot Power

5:48 PM:

We've got two pilots this season. First up is Chasen, who brings a paper airplane and tells Hannah their relationship is "about to take off." 

Next is Peter, who shows up in uniform. "As a pilot, wings are something that is very symbolic of our love for aviation," Peter tells Hannah. "I would like to give you this pair right here. I'm hopeful that at the end of this journey, you and I can fly away together."

Old Matt Donald

5:46 PM:

Matt Donald is here, and he's singing "Old McDonald," but changing the words. It's not very good, but he definitely made an entrance. 

"All these guys are such studs," he confesses. True. 

Jealousy Already

5:44 PM:

Luke P. knows not everyone is on an even playing field, and that the guys might be "jealous" of him and the other men who already met Hannah. 

Then Cam, who already had a rose from ATFR, comes out rapping. 

"I'm pretty much guaranteed to get more time with her," he boasts... and he's looking at the camera when he's not supposed to be. 

Sausage Party

5:42 PM:

There's a guy making hot dog jokes, a guy making pizza jokes and a guy "befumbling" footballs. 

Then there's Luke P. -- who met Hannah on ATFR -- crawling on top of an SUV in "Beast mode." 

"I know they call you the 'Beast,' but I'm king of the jungle, and I'm hoping they can change your title to my queen," Luke says. 

A Big Package

5:40 PM:

Box King Joe scares the sh*t out of us -- and Hannah -- by jumping out of a giant box, and for a box guy, this box isn't looking so great. 

"Hannah, this package isn't complete without you!" Joe says. "I can't wait to get to know you, and I just want you to know you check all of my boxes." 

Next, another guy whose name we've already forgotten wants to "start this damn party" with a bottle of champagne. 

Connor J., with the diverse family in the intro video, comes out speaking French, and Ryan, a roller boy, comes in on roller skates. "Roll Tide, baby!" 

Another Colton Reference -- and John Paul Jones

5:32 PM:

Devin's up next -- COMING OUT OF AN SUV? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LIMO? -- and he decides to pretend to be a virgin. "I'm just messing with you. I'm not, but I am a virgin to this experience," he says. OK. 

John Paul Jones then emerges to tell Hannah she can't call him anything other than John Paul Jones. And then we get a string of guys who are too nervous to talk to her. 

Hopping Fences

5:30 PM:

Dylan, a waiter, wanted the Bachelorette to be Hannah, and says he can't believe how Colton let her go. 

Colton doesn't show up, but a copycat does, as Connor hops the fence for her.

"I wanted to tell you that every woman deserves a man who will jump a fence for them, and clearly I'm that guy for you," he says. 

Next Couple of Men

5:28 PM:

Our favorite guy Mike is here to give us the motivation we need to get through the week. He's all about the C's: "Character, charm, charisma, consistency and compassion." "And can I be very, very honest? You're very, very pretty," he tells Hannah. 

Jed, meanwhile, can't wait to get to know Hannah's heart. And he's from Nashville. 

Our Flashdance hottie Tyler was "stoked" to find out Hannah's the Bachelorette and came from Florida. "That smile is worth every mile," he says -- and are we the only ones feeling these Channing Tatum/Magic Mike vibes? 

First Man Out the Limo

5:27 PM:

Garrett is our first man out of the limo, and he's cute. "I'm actually from Birmingham. We gotta represent while we're here. I'm a golf pro, and I know you're going to meet a lot of people tonight," he teases. "I want to be your hole in one!"

Tonight's Finally Here

5:25 PM:

"It feels like a dream. I'm so excited to meet these men. I'm here for the real deal," Hannah says as she zips herself up and heads to the mansion in a sparkling gown. 

The men, meanwhile, are yelling "Roll Tide," because that's the new slogan for the season, right? 

Chris Harrison, looking fresh as hell, is here to welcome Hannah to her new life. "It's not going to be perfect. Nothing is," he advises.

Hannah says she's scared someone's not going to be real with her, and her former "type" of Southern boys hasn't worked out for her so far. 

"Try a few different flavors!" Chris encourages. 

Speaking to God in the Shower

5:16 PM:

Matt Donald is not a farmer, but he likes to joke about it. He seems like a sweet guy, he grew up in a deaf household, and he's watched the show with his family. 

Connor's next, opening up about his diverse family. He deals with cars and such. 

It's now Luke P.'s turn, and he's ATTRACTIVE, very attractive, and he knows it. He admits he took advantage of his looks in college and experienced "a whole lot of emptiness" before finding God -- in the shower. 

"I wasn't the man I wanted to be. I've been working on being the husband I want to be for my future wife," he says -- and we almost believe him. 

More Men

5:14 PM:

We are already in love with Mike Johnson, an Air Force veteran. 

He's talking numbers and percentages in his intro video because he manages portfolios. He says his life is Home Alone because he's single, but he lights up talking about his great grandma. He's cute, WE LOVE HIS SMILE and he says he's learned a lot from strong women. Big fan! 

Joe, WHO SELLS BOXES and calls himself "the Box King," is next, showcasing his strong Italian family. 

Meet the Guys

5:12 PM:

The guys take us on their journey to the airport... and are they allowed to talk about Hannah in public? Is this weird to anyone else? 

The first man we meet is Tyler, who loves flashdancing as a contractor… We don't know what is up with his intro video, but we love it. "Me and Kevin Bacon are like offspring when it comes to dancing," Tyler says. What? 

Next is Peter from Westlake Village, who boasts about his jetsetting lifestyle as a pilot. He wants to share his spontaneity with Hannah and HE LOOKS VERY DIFFERENT FROM HIS HEADSHOT. 

Demi and Katie Pump Up the Party!

5:11 PM:

"I truly am excited to meet 30 different guys," Hannah says as Demi and Katie join her to help her get ready. "Demi and Katie just pumped me up!" 

Hannah's Story

5:03 PM:

Hannah shows Chris around her hometown of Tuscaloosa, Alabama -- where she started her pageant life.

"As a kid, I loved to perform, but I never felt good enough. I thought I needed to be perfect, so I honestly never thought I would be Miss Alabama," she says. "When I won Miss Alabama, I was so happy. But it wasn't like, my goal in life. I wanted to find someone that I want to be with forever." 

That all changed with Colton, who taught Hannah that "I can be enough just being myself."

"Even though it didn't work out with Colton, I really grew personally and found out who I am to my core. I want my time as the Bachelorette, my experience here to feel different, because I am different. It's really important for me to find a man that will love me for all of me," she continues. "Bless the man who spends forever with me, because I'm so much to handle. But what I want to give somebody is really special. I'm nervous, but expectant. I've got to be completely myself, and the desire of my heart is to find love. I don't know what I'm doing, but bring on the men!"

It All Started Like This

5:02 PM:

Chris Harrison gives us a replay of Hannah finding out she's the Bachelorette, and we love it all over again. 

"Being the Bachelorette is so surreal. Part of me still has this mentality of 'Why me?' Like, I can already feel my heart freaking out," she confesses in a relatable intro package that shows she doesn't know what to do with her hands. 

"For some reason, I always put pressure on myself. I'm nervous," Hannah says. 

Just Hannah

5:00 PM:

The premiere is here! And the guys -- shocker! -- don't think she's anything but a normal gal lookin' for love. 

"She's not an actress, she's not a movie star. She's just a real girl looking for love," a man says in the dramatic promo. You don't say!

Brown's Bachelorette season airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here


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