Demi Burnett Admits She Was 'Scoping Out' Men for Herself During Hannah's 'Bachelorette' Premiere (Exclusive)


Hannah may start her season with 30 men, but she can end up with only one!

Demi Burnett has Hannah Brown's back! 

The Bachelor alumni got close on Colton Underwood's recent season, and Demi will be back by her friend's side on Monday's season premiere of The Bachelorette. Fan favorite Demi and another of Hannah's Bachelor pals, Katie Morton, will be spying on Hannah's men from a surveillance van outside the mansion and alerting her if they see something they don't like. 

"We were listening in to all the conversations with Hannah and the guys, and all the convos between the guys," Demi told ET's Lauren Zima at the Steve Irwin Gala in Beverly Hills, California, on Saturday. "We were just trying to make sure everyone was there for her." 

Promos have shown Hannah confronting a guy about something he did, and according to Demi, the moment lives up to the hype. "It's very dramatic and it's juicy and Hannah is awesome," she said of the premiere. "She rocked it, and she handled it flawlessly." 

"I think that she knows we have her best interest at heart, and she trusts us as her friends to make sure our information is valid and we're not just saying it off a rumor, you know? We did our research," she added. 

"Katie and I in the van on night one, we're definitely looking out for Hannah. We're Hannah's angels. We have a good time," she said. "We're maybe a little bit mean, but it's funny. Maybe a little critical, but it's because we're protective of her. ... Any guy with a weak personality, I was like, 'She's going to eat him alive.'" 

John Wolfsohn/Getty Images

Demi, a firecracker in her own right, sees Hannah with a man who has a strong presence. "[She needs someone] who's religious and somebody who is a man and isn't scared of anything. The 'Beast' needs a strong man, so somebody who can keep up with her," she shared. 

Hannah can end up with only one man, which made Demi's premiere appearance a bit of a dual mission. "I mean, if I do go to [Bachelor in] Paradise, like, I definitely was scoping them out, and I was like, 'Hannah, save that one for me!" Demi joked.

The Texas native is certainly ready to get her own love life started. "We're renaming it Demi-dise if I go. I'm going to run that beach. I gotta be the queen," she cracked. "You know me; it's going to be really fun. I'm just going to have a lot of fun."

"I'm going to be open-minded and I'm not going to, like, jump into something right away. I think I need to weigh out all my options," Demi expressed. "I think it would be easy to get really involved with someone right away, but then it's Paradise, and people can come in later, so what if someone comes in later? I just need to keep it open and play the field."

Hannah's season of The Bachelorette premieres Monday, May 13 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC. Join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here