Ali Fedotowsky Drops Major 'Bachelorette' Hookup Bombshell on Reunion Special

The now-mom of two hooked up with one of her contestants after filming!

Monday's special Bachelorette reunion was full of secrets -- but Ali Fedotowsky's might have been the biggest. 

The now-mom of two shockingly revealed to the cameras that while things ended with her former fiance and Bachelorette final pick, Roberto Martinez, she hooked up with another one of her contestants after the show: Frank Neuschaefer. 

Fans will remember that Frank broke Ali's heart in Tahiti at final three, revealing that he still had feelings for his ex-girlfriend, Nicole. Though Bachelorette No. 6 ended her time with Frank in tears, they reunited a few years later. 

"Honestly, I don't think I've ever told anybody this, but after Roberto and I broke up, I actually went on a date with Frank, and we were romantic for, like, a night!" Ali said on Monday's special, laughing. Ali is now married to radio personality Kevin Manno; they share a 2-year-old daughter, Molly, and a 1-year-old son, Riley. 

While speaking with ET last week, Bachelor host Chris Harrison said the Bachelorette reunion held a special place in his heart -- and that most of what went down between the ladies was completely unproduced. 

"I really love these women, and I really liked that at the end of the day, we had all these Bachelorettes together for the first time, and we've never done anything like it," he shared.

"They were just sitting around and talking, telling stories of motherhood and just being women today and being Bachelorettes and going through this show and I just thought, 'This is great.' It's just celebrating these badass women doing their thing. And there was no producing, no nothing. It was just raw them," he revealed. "And then having them lined up in the driveway later that night, like, looking from Trista to Becca like, 'Wow, we did this.' Like, all these kickass women doing their thing. I thought it was pretty cool."

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