The Memorable 'Bachelorette' Contestants Who Didn't Get the Final Rose: Where Are They Now?

Whatever happened to Wes' music career?

We're heading into season 15 of The Bachelorette, but for as many women we've had leading the show, we've had just as many -- if not more -- men who made an impact. 

From guys not there for the right reasons to contestants a little too there for our lead (lookin' at you, Mr. "Guard and Protect Your Heart"), the Bachelorette men really have put us through the wringer. Ahead of Monday's big Bachelorette reunion, featuring 12 of the last 14 Bachelorettes, take a look at some of the show's most memorable contestants, and where they are now. 

Here are the men who didn't get the final rose -- but got just as much attention. 

Justin "Rated R" Rego (Ali Fedotowsky's Season)

Who can forget when Ali confronted Justin for having a girlfriend on her season, and instead of admitting it, he ran away, broken leg and all? In a 2016 interview with ET, Justin said that he actually knew he wasn't into Ali on day three of the show, but that producers wouldn't let him leave early. "They wanted it to be done in Turkey. But I had a gut feeling it wasn't going to be that smooth, so I packed my passport and everything I needed to leave," he explained. 

Justin is no longer a wrestler -- the "Rated R" was his wrestling name -- and instead works as a bartender. 

Frank Neuschaefer (Ali Fedotowsky's Season)

Frank made it all the way to final three on Ali's season before breaking up with her, explaining that he couldn't stop thinking about his girlfriend back home, Nicole. Frank and Nicole got back together, broke up again, but as of 2017, were reportedly still together, after being spotted on a date in Chicago. 

Brooks Forester (Desiree Hartsock's Season) 

Brooks also broke the Bachelorette's heart at final three, when he told Desiree that he just didn't see them together. As of 2017, he's still living in Salt Lake City, Utah, and in a relationship with a beautiful blonde named Lauren Young.

DeMario Jackson (Rachel Lindsay's Season)

After Rachel sent him home following his girlfriend showing up on a group date early in the season, DeMario went on to appear on Bachelor in Paradise -- where he was involved in a sex scandal with Corinne Olympios. He was cleared of any wrongdoing, and while he admitted that the 2017 scandal had an effect on his professional life, he and Corinne are on good terms. And he's living his best life on Instagram. 

Chad Johnson (JoJo Fletcher's Season)


Bad Chad! After memorable fights with Evan Bass and Jordan Rodgers on The Bachelorette in 2016, Chad went on to Bachelor in Paradise, where he again got himself into trouble, and gave our dear Chris Harrison a big "f**k you!" He's since appeared on Famously Single, the U.K.'s Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach -- and is apparently acting in an upcoming film called Your Eyes Only. 

Kalon McMahon (Emily Maynard's Season)

Kalon -- who calls himself a social entrepreneur, serial philanthropist and best-selling contributing writer on Twitter -- is best known for calling Emily's daughter "baggage" on her 2012 season. He went on to appear on Bachelor Pad, where he found love with fellow Bachelor alum Lindzi Cox, but they have since broken up. 

Kasey Kahl (Ali Fedotowsky's Season)

Kasey was so into Ali that after promising to "guard and protect" her heart, he got the phrase tattooed on his arm -- and then got dumped on top of a glacier. He also went on to star on Bachelor Pad, where he dated Jake Pavelka's ex, Vienna Girardi. In 2014, however, he moved on from Bachelor Nation and got engaged to his girlfriend, Amanda Waters, in 2014. They've since married. 

Wes Hayden (Jillian Harris' Season)

Wes was the country singer who (surprise!) went on the show with a girlfriend!  "[I'm] the first guy ever on The Bachelorette to make it to the top four with a girlfriend," he boasted after Jillian finally sent him home. His music career didn't exactly take off, but he's still chugging along pursuing his dreams in Austin, Texas. 

Bentley Williams (Ashley Hebert's Season)

"I'm going to make Ashley cry. I hope my hair looks OK," Bentley famously said before abruptly ending his relationship with Ashley on her 2011 season. He was a villain on the show, but these days, he's all about that dad life. He recently married a style blogger named Megan, and they just welcomed a baby boy together. 

Ian Thomson (Kaitlyn Bristowe's Season)

Ian apologized to Kaitlyn on the Men Tell All in 2015 after brutally calling her a "surface-level person" during a cocktail party. He's kept a pretty low profile since the show. 

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