The Best Skincare for Men: Facial Cleanser, Face Moisturizer, Sunscreen and More

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best skincare for men
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Looking for new men's skincare products?

Whether you've got oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or combination skin, there is a great range of skincare products for men from cool, modern skincare brands you may haven't heard of before.

From a moisturizer to a cleanser, brands such as Disco, Lumin, Hims and more have the essentials you need to complete a skincare routine for healthy, great-looking skin.

Shop ET Style's selection of the best products for men's skin.


This cleanser stick from clean skincare brand Disco is made with coconut oil, charcoal and phytic acid. Swipe the modern face wash across the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, add water and lather up to remove dirt and oil from the pores at morning and night. The no-mess packaging makes it easy to pack for travel. 

Jaxon Lane
Jaxon Lane Bro Mask
Jaxon Lane
Jaxon Lane

Jaxon Lane makes sheet masks -- a Korean skincare staple -- for men. Each Bro Mask box comes with four single-use sheet face masks that multitask to hydrate, smoothen and clear up the skin. 


Made from plant-based, natural ingredients such as aloe and ginseng, this oil-free facial moisturizer from Supply is anti-aging, hydrating and repairing.

Bravo Sierra
Bravo Sierra Face Sunscreen SPF 30
Bravo Sierra
Bravo Sierra

Sunscreen is an essential step to protect the skin from the sun. The face sunscreen from Bravo Sierra is a lightweight lotion formula that doesn't feel greasy or sticky. It's vegan, cruelty-free, fragrance-free and reef-friendly. 


Say bye-bye to tired eyes and dark circles thanks to Lumin's Dark Circle Defense. This gel eye cream features niacinamide, lemon extract and caffeine to reduce puffiness, brighten and minimize fine lines. 

Oars + Alps

Don't forget about the beard! This Oars + Alps beard oil boasts a blend of alpine caribou moss, jojoba and argan oil that smooths the hair and hydrates the skin underneath. Plus, the cedar and amber scent is so fresh. 

Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club Shave Butter
Dollar Shave Club
Dollar Shave Club

Make shaving a more enjoyable experience with Dollar Shave Club's Shave Butter. An alternative to the traditional shaving cream, the transparent, gentle formula preps the hair and skin for an easy, effortless glide as it helps soften the hair, reduce ingrown hairs and razor bumps. 

Maapilim Lip Balm

An everyday essential, the Maapilim lip balm crafted from hydrating oils will keep the lips soft, moisturized and healthy.


If you're worried about wrinkles, consider adding the Hims Anti-Aging Cream to your skincare routine. This powerful prescription product contains key ingredient, tretinoin, which renews the skin's surface and helps increase collagen production.


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