'The Big Bang Theory' Boss Previews Sheldon & Amy's 'Star-Studded' Wedding! (Exclusive)

The highly anticipated moment will take place on the season 11 finale of 'The Big Bang Theory' on Thursday, and only ET has your exclusive sneak peek at Shamy's pre-wedding excitement.

Amy and Sheldon's wedding is just days away!

The highly anticipated moment will take place on the season 11 finale of The Big Bang Theory on Thursday, and only ET has your exclusive sneak peek at Shamy's pre-wedding excitement.

In our first-look clip above, Sheldon and Amy are revealing that former foe and now close friend Wil Wheaton will be officiating their nuptials. "If you'd have told me as a child that an actor from Star Trek would be officiating my wedding, I would've said, 'Oh! William Shatner?" Sheldon quipped.

To get the inside scoop on why Wheaton was the best fit to marry Sheldon and Amy, ET called up Big Bang showrunner Steve Holland, and he's spilling major behind-the-scenes secrets on the Cooper family reunion and how Kathy Bates ended up guest starring as Amy's mother.

In ET's exclusive first look at The Big Bang Theory's season 11 finale, Sheldon and Amy are discussing the fact that Will Wheaton is going to officiate their wedding. How did you in the writers' room decide that Will would be the best fit to wed Sheldon and Amy?

Steve Holland: Well, when we were talking about the wedding, we were trying to think of who would officiate it. I mean, obviously, it would not be a minister for Sheldon and Amy and then we thought maybe there could be some fun, science people who could do it, but then Will just seemed like such a good fit. He's a friend, so it would make perfect sense for him to do it, and for Sheldon, the chance to have someone from Star Trek to officiate his wedding, seems like a dream come true.


What do you want the fans to know about this episode before tuning in?

It's a star-studded affair! We're going to meet new family and friends and this is actually the first time that we've gotten a lot of the Big Bang supporting cast together in one place. We've got Will Wheaton and [John Ross Bowie as Barry] Kripke, and Brian Posehn as Burt and Kevin Sussman as Stuart. This is the first time that a lot of these actors have been in the same room at the same time together. And then on top of that, you've got Amy's family, and then Sheldon's family with his brother, Georgie, whom we met in the episode last week, and Sheldon's sister, who appeared on the show many, many years ago, is coming back once again.

Kathy Bates was such a delightful choice to play Amy's mother. How did her guest role on the show come about?

[Big Bang Theory creator] Chuck [Lorre] had a relationship with her. He has done a series with her before called Disjointed and so when we were starting to talk about his character and this player, he said, "Let me reach out to Kathy and see if she would be interested." And she jumped at it, which was so flattering for us. She really wanted to be a part of it and lucky for us that we were able to get her. It was amazing.


Seeing Jerry O'Connell as Georgie is such a great fit! Did you and the Young Sheldon team put your heads together for casting on that one?

Absolutely. I mean, we always work hand in hand anyways, but it was interesting because it was the first time that we introduced a character on this show that originated on Young Sheldon, so it was interesting because it gave us a bit of a template to work from, which was fun. We just started talking about this character and what he grew up to be and who kind of looked like him, and one of the writers pitched Jerry. He does kind of look a little bit like [Montana Jordan on Young Sheldon] and then we pulled up some clips of Jerry. He's played a Texan before and we heard him doing the accent, so it just seemed right. We reached out to him and he was a fan of Big Bang and his younger kids were a fan of Young Sheldon and a fan of the young Georgie that he was going to play.

And of course you can't have Georgie without Missy. Can you talk a bit about bringing back Courtney Henggeler, who first played the role back in season one, and your decision for Missy to now be pregnant?

It was interesting – we were just trying to think of who she was now and sort of give her something that she could play with, while also knowing that the character wasn’t going to have a ton of screen time. It felt like just when you first see her again, you see that attitude and she's not too thrilled about it. It seemed like it gave her a little bit of a fun comedy bit to play.

The Big Bang Theory's season 11 finale airs Thursday, May 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.



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