'The Blacklist' Sneak Peek: Ressler Asks Park to Do the Unthinkable (Exclusive)

Actress Laura Sohn previews Thursday's new episode.

Ressler is spiraling and he's going to extreme measures to stay afloat.

On Thursday's episode of The Blacklist, "The Avenging Angel," the Task Force races to locate a blacklister who uses any means necessary to return what has been unjustly stolen. Ressler asks Park for a favor, while Cooper tries to piece together unexplained gaps in his memory. 

In ET's exclusive sneak peek, a desperate Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) corners Park (Laura Sohn), asking her for help so he can pass the drug test he'll need to be reinstated to the Task Force -- only what he's asking her to do is a not-so-tiny favor.

"I have to take a drug test later today. If I don't pass, even if I come up inconclusive, I'm out," Ressler explains to Park. "Because I came up inconclusive the last time, well, this time they're coming into the stall with me."

"That's cozy," Park quips.

"The point is I need a clean sample and I'm not sure I have one to give... But you do," he trails off.

"Yeah, and I'm not giving it to you! I can't believe you're asking me to help cheat the test," she replies angrily.

Ressler assures her he's been clean-ish, but he's not sure he's been sober "long enough" to cleanly pass the drug test. "You know I need this job and this is the only way to do this," he argues, even as she continues to reject the idea.

"If I do it and we're caught, then we're both out," Park rightly reminds him, adding "it's not a risk" worth taking.

Resigned to the fact that maybe she won't throw him a bone, Ressler arrives at the conclusion that this is his problem to fix -- and his only. "Really, it's all good," he tries to assure Park (and himself) as they step back into the freight elevator. 

"The relationship between Park and Ressler grows deeper because of their willingness to show their vulnerabilities to one another," Sohn exclusively tells ET. "The deep loyalty Park has for Ressler becomes tested when she is willing to bend and break the rules for him. He is someone that brings out her empathy especially because her own past involved a drug overdose."

So why do we have a hard time believing this is the end?

The Blacklist airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC. For more, watch below.

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