'The Bold Type' Star Meghann Fahy Reveals the Secret Backstory of Sutton's 'Unique' Wedding Dress! (Exclusive)

The Bold Type Wedding

Here comes the (oh-so-stylish) bride! Meghann Fahy is dishing exclusive details about 'The Bold Type's midseason finale bombshells.

WARNING: If you have not watched The Bold Type's midseason finale, leave now, and go watch it! When you're done, come back here because we've got the behind-the-scenes secrets from the night's biggest moments...

Here comes the (oh-so-stylish) bride!

After an episode of back-and-forth drama -- both personally and professionally -- Sutton Brady officially said "I do" to her dream job as a stylist at Scarlet Magazine... Oh! And she also married the love of her life, Richard Hunter, in a super-sweet ceremony in the bar where they first met.

To celebrate these milestone moments, ET called up The Bold Type star Meghann Fahy and the 29-year-old actress dished exclusive details about the episode's biggest bombshells. From Jane's new relationship status, to Kat's shocking move at Scarlet and Sutton's fashionably new title -- read on for Fahy's episode insights and a tease for what's to come when season four of The Bold Type returns this summer to Freeform!

ET: First things first, let's talk about Sutton's wedding dress! Did you have any input as to what type of dress she would wear on her big day?

Meghann Fahy: You know, it's funny – I tried on a bunch of dresses. And we went to a boutique in Montreal, [where we film The Bold Type] and tried on a bunch of dresses. And then they had some shipped in and I tried on a bunch of those. And then, ultimately, our costume designer ended up making the dress herself. She designed it and made it, which was kind of cool. I feel like it might have been a writers' room thing. They wanted something really specific for Sutton and they showed me the sketch for it and stuff, but it was kind of really a done deal when they decided to make it. As I was trying things on previously, I was very vocal about it all, but then when they decided to make the dress, and she got to do her own thing, I was just excited that she got to design something. I was like, "Just run with it and do your thing!" and it all kind of ended up working out. 


And we don't say this in the episode but – Katie [Stevens] and Aisha [Dee] and I – we believe that Sutton made her own dress. That's what we think she did, so that's our little backstory for the dress. And yeah, it was interesting and weird because this is the first time I've ever tried on wedding dresses! I'm not married or anything, so it was kind of spooky seeing myself in all those gowns but it was really fun too. It was super fun, but yeah, it ended up being a really, really unique creation. 

It was so exciting to see that Sutton's dream of becoming a stylist at Scarlet has officially come true. How do you feel about her new job title?

I'm so excited for her! The payoff was so great. I loved the scene at the end when she walks in and the guy is waiting there and he's like, "I'm your new assistant!" and she, like, cries. It's just like, "Ugh, yes!" That's what she's been waiting for since the pilot of the show and it just feels so good to see her finally succeed in the way she so deserves. It's cool in the episodes to come to see her mentor someone. She's now in a position where she has an assistant and I think it's so important for Sutton to be a supportive, kind boss. I think she's so excited that she's in a position to treat someone with respect and foster that relationship the way that Oliver ultimately did with her. I think that's going to be really cool to see her in that position as well. 


After a full season of struggles, Jane is officially a single lady. What did you think about her decision to end her relationship with Ryan?

I mean, it's really tough because I love Pinstripe and Jane together so much and I really think that they did a good job with the story. I think I loved that it wasn't an immediate breakup. It was more realistic that she took some time to think about it. Again, we're not reacting to say that if someone cheats on you, you have to leave them -- I think it's a case-by-case basis. But for Jane, she ultimately decided that, "I need to do this for myself right now." And I think what's even more exciting is that it's in the middle of her choosing to do this major surgery. I think a lot of people would be like, "I don't want to be alone going through this."

Ryan was so wanting to help her through it and be there for her, and I think it probably made it even harder for her to let him go knowing that she would have to go through all of this hard stuff without him there. But, obviously, the girls really step up and that's something else that we will see a lot of in the later episodes – just sort of the aftermath of her recovery and [Sutton and Kat] kind of stepping up to take care of her, so I thought they did a really nice job with that storyline. 


We all know that Kat's favorite hobby is to fall on swords, and now it looks like she's finally fallen on one that's killed her career at Scarlet. What did you think about the fact that Kat was fired?

[Laughs] I think that's actually really exciting too! When Jane went to Incite [Magazine] in season two, that's the only other time that we've seen the girls not all be at Scarlet. But, you know, Kat got fired. Jane left and then came back, so it's not like Kat's going to get rehired -- at least a while -- so I think it's going to be really cool to see Kat dig into something else. It will also give us the opportunity to see the girls together doing something else. Whatever Kat does next, the girls are going to be hanging out together and being there, so I think that's exciting. It just expands the world a bit more. I just think it's always fun for audience members, and for us actresses in general, to be on a new set. She's always pushing the envelope, that one! 


And lastly, congratulations on your on-screen wedding! How does it feel to have Sutton and Richard take this next huge step in their relationship?

I couldn't be more thrilled! I've always been rooting for Sutton and Richard and I think they are just such a beloved couple from the pilot. It's so awesome to see them not struggle about whether or not they want to be together, you know? Whether or not they should be together. It was great to see them take those vows and be like, "All right, it's me and you now." Obviously we saw in the wedding episode her saying, "I don't want to move anymore," and him saying, "Oh my god!" But ultimately the point is that, "I choose you." No matter what that means [for their future], that's the choice that they both are making and I couldn't be happier. I'm so happy.

The Bold Type will return with new episodes this summer on Freeform.