'The Boys' Season 2 Cast Reveals What They Love (and Hate!) About Their Super Suits (Exclusive)

From tons of sweat to many wedgies, ET caught up with the stars of 'The Boys' to find out how they really feel about their super suits!

Being a Supe is harder than it looks!

Season 2 of The Boys is flying back onto our Amazon Prime Video queue today and to celebrate the return of our favorite, ultra-gory superhero drama, ET spoke with the cast to find out how they really feel about those super suits.

We video chatted with Antony Starr, Chace Crawford, Erin Moriarty and many more of your favorite members of The Seven to find out everything they love (and hate!) about their crime-fighting costumes.

From The A-Train's awkward "man panties," to Homelander's always-present sweat stains and Starlight's unfortunate bathroom break struggles, the stars are revealing exclusive behind-the-scenes secrets about what it takes to be a "Supe" on The Boys.

Chace Crawford as The Deep

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"There's no secrets [about my suit.] It's a wetsuit basically," Crawford said with a smile during a joint interview with co-star Jessie Usher. "I guess on the positive side, it's stretchy and it's sleeveless. I am cooler in it in the summertime and so it allows some air flow."

"It's stretchy, but it's still a wetsuit," Crawford said, switching over to the cons of his super suit. "It's tight like and, you know, sitting down is just not fun. It's just a whole thing. I'm usually unzipping that thing and laying back. But yeah, I've gotten used to it for sure. You get used it. You definitely feel in character."

Erin Moriarty as Starlight

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"OK, so my favorite thing?" Moriarty began when asked about Starlight's most recent costume. "We formerly shot [The Boys] in the summertime in Toronto and so [everyone in their] suits are dying and nearing heat stroke and I am basically in a bathing suit. Like, I'm chilling and feeling breezy, so that's my favorite part."

"But my least favorite part? OK. I know it might not look like it, but going to the bathroom, just going to pee in that suit takes about 25 minutes," Moriarty continued with refreshing candor. "It's so tight and it's so little, and the way they need to wind the microphone in me. So I'm, like, wired up and the process of taking it on and putting it off-- It's left me in positions where, let's just say, I've gone back to set and there have been articles of my costume that are a little wet. It happens."

Jessie Usher as A-Train 

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"My favorite thing about the suit is a chest plate. I think the chest plate is awesome. I think it's very well made and it looks amazing, it works very well and I think the concept of it is kind of cool," Usher dished. "I guess I would sort of need some type of face shield or something if I were running at the speeds that I'm actually running at. The amount of things I'd be hitting is crazy, but that's sort of what the chest plate signifies -- like a windshield, sort of."

"But my least favorite thing would be -- and now it's like an old technology and we don't really use it in the suit anymore -- but we nicknamed it the 'manties,'" the 28-year-old actor explained with a big laugh. 

"There were these tiny, little -- well, they weren't really underwear because they would go on over the top of my underwear -- but they had little hooks in it to, like, hold my shirt down, so that it wouldn't ride up," Usher continued. "You know, if I ran, my shirt would come out from under my my pants, so I had, like, these manties. They were like man panties and they were terrible, but we don't really use them anymore. Now there's a zipper system and all kinds of other stuff. Thank God. But the manties were my least favorite."

Aya Cash as Stromfront

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"I don't know if I have a favorite thing about my suit," The Boys' newest addition revealed of her cape-tastic Stormfront costume. "I just don't even know I'm wearing it."

"I have a fantastic body," she added slyly while her co-star from The Seven, Antony Starr, laughed. "It's fun to change it up. I've had this body my whole life. It's nice to have another body."

When we asked Cash to reveal the "most uncomfortable part" of her suit, the former You're the Worst star was quick with her response: "Everything." 

"The best thing is they look amazing and they're totally functional," she explained with a chuckle. "We can handle the comfort level. We're just being little baby actors."

Antony Starr as Homelander

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"The uncomfortable bit starts at the neck and ends at the boots," Starr immediately confessed of his Homelander suit. "The best thing about it is taking it off."

Starr revealed that in between takes, his suit is hooked up to a cooling hose that pumps cold air and water into the stifling fabric so that he won't overheat on set.

"Actually, it's pretty functional and it works pretty well," he shared. "But the problem is the battery pack has a noisy motor, so we've got to take it off when we're shooting."

It's clear that the Homelander suit is not exactly the most comfortable costume on set. In fact, if he could switch super suits with any of his co-stars in The Seven, Starr revealed that he would love to give Queen Maeve's outfit a try. 

"I've spent two summers in Toronto sweating my life away in that Homelander suit. Queen Maeve always looks cool and refreshed," he said, adding with a playful smirk, "So, I'd give that a shot."

The first three episodes of The Boys season 2 drops Friday, Sept. 4 on Amazon Prime Video.



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