'The Come Up' Trailer: Watch Six New Yorkers' Unstoppable Hustle in Freeform's Unscripted Series (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts the official trailer for the upcoming half-hour docu-reality series.

It's all about that New York hustle for a diverse group of six ambitious 20-somethings, who hope to make a mark as they navigate the roller coaster of life in Freeform's new Gen Z docu-reality series, The Come Up

The unscripted half-hour series follows six young disruptors -- aspiring fashion designer Taofeek Abijako; model Fernando Casablancas, who identifies as non-binary; new NYC transplant Ben Hard; trans actress Claude Shwartz; queer nightlife staple and trans woman Ebon Gore; and photography prodigy Sophia Wilson -- as they follow their dreams and pursue love and art on their own terms. It also aims to peel back the curtain on the "creative NYC underground, giving viewers an exclusive look into how the next generation of icons define themselves and how culture is created," according to Freeform.

In ET's exclusive first look at the trailer, viewers are introduced to the six lively personalities and their evolving journeys, as they find their identities and place in the world. 

Featured are Taofeek (he/him), a 24-year-old with an eye for fashion who immigrated from Nigeria at 11 and, in the trailer, is seen dealing with the pressures and unforeseen mishap of finishing two looks in time for his celebrity clients at the high-profile Met Gala. The Brazilian-born Fernando (he/they) is on the cusp of breaking through in the modeling world after less than a year, and expresses his desires to be a successful internationally-known multihyphenate who can do it all.

Meanwhile, Texas native Ben (he/him) reveals that New York, his new home, is becoming a place where he can rediscover his sexuality. "It's like a new experimental part of my life," he said. Then there's Sophia (she/her), who's having a bit of an identity crisis as she ponders whether she's only been booking jobs because she started so young.

Ebon (she/her) comments on the underground rave scene in New York, crediting the city for "making her feel welcomed and deserving" as a Black trans woman. And last but not least, there's Claude (she/her), who says in the trailer that the Big Apple "is the only place I can imagine pursuing the things that I delusionally believe I can have."

"At home, I felt very threatened," Fernando says. "But coming to New York has shown me that you can come from wherever you are and you will find your people. With time, people will see that I'm planning my stake, staking my claim. This is my stake."

The Come Up premieres Tuesday, Sept. 13 with four back-to-back episodes on Freeform. Two new episodes will then drop weekly. Episodes will be available to stream next day on Hulu.