'The Courtship': Nicole Rémy Bids Farewell to Three Potential Suitors in Series Premiere

The Courtship
Sean Gleason/NBC

Although 'The Courtship' just premiered, Rémy was forced to narrow her pool of 16 suitors down to 13 on her quest for love.

NBC's Regency-era dating drama premiered Sunday and it already had its star, Nicole Rémy, making tough decisions. On Sunday's episode of The Courtship, viewers are introduced to Nicole and her trusted Court, made up of her father, Claude, her mother, Claire, her sister, Danie, and best friend, Tessa, as they moved into a castle in the English countryside to begin her 19th-century foray into the dating world.

After settling in, Mr. Edwards, the show's narrator and Nicole's guide along her journey for love, presented her and her Court with 16 letters of introduction from her potential suitors, which were read with excitement and a few laughs ahead of the night's welcome ball, where her Court helped choose some of her dates for the evening.

Sean Gleason/NBC

Arriving in carriages and on horseback, the 16 men vying for Nicole's heart made their way to the palace, where they were greeted with all the pomp and circumstance one can expect from an episode of Bridgerton, traditional twists on modern music included.

There, Nicole met a few of the men and even left with six of them, chosen by her Court for a group date, but there was one lucky gentleman who caught Nicole's attention for her first one-on-one date. After returning to the ball, Nicole asked Daniel Bochicchio, of Staten Island, New York, to join her in the courtyard for some alone time.

Sean Gleason/NBC

It's clear Daniel was a little nervous, but Nicole quickly calmed his nerves by sharing why she picked him for her first one-on-one date.

"I wanted to do this first date with you," Nicole began before grabbing Daniel's hand. "You had the best eye contact with me. You actually grabbed my hands at one point, and you were like, 'I can't wait to get to meet you later.' Everything about it and even you just holding my hands right now, I love that."

"I love that physical touch and stuff like that," the Seattle-based software engineer continued.

The spark was clearly there between the pair with literal fireworks going off moments before Nicole and Daniel sealed their first date with a passionate kiss.

While Daniel seemed to be an early frontrunner, Nicole hadn't had much time to get to know the men, and even less as Mr. Edwards informed her that she must pick six men for a farewell dance in which she would have to send three of her suitors home, narrowing the pool down to 13.

Sean Gleason/NBC

Nicole chose Danny Kim, Peter Saffa, Lewis Echavarria, Chandler Luxe, Caleb Ward and Jarrett Schanzer. After dancing with each man in the traditional Regency style, Nicole was forced to make the difficult choice of deciding who should stay and who should go.

It was a difficult goodbye, but in the end, Nicole bid farewell to Caleb and Lewis, informing them each that their "carriage awaits," leaving Danny, Peter and Chandler to join the rest of her hopeful suitors for another chance at Nicole's heart.

The Courtship airs Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET on NBC.