'The Culpo Sisters': Aurora Details the Hall Pass She Gave Her Estranged Husband (Exclusive)

In the upcoming episode, Aurora details her relationship with her estranged husband, Mikey Bortone.

Aurora Culpo is spilling the details behind her marriage to now estranged husband Mikey Bortone. In a clip for the upcoming episode of The Culpo Sisters, the 33-year-old reality star opens up about her past decision to allow her then-husband to have a hall pass hookup, once a year.  

"All the relationships that I had in the past, I end up finding out that somebody was doing something sneaky or I ended up finding out that I was like the girl on the side," Aurora says in an interview.  

"So I gave him the opportunity to have a one a year. Did it work for me? No, because I felt betrayed. I just can't believe that during the most trying time in our relationship, he's choosing to be with someone else," she says as she begins to cry.  

During a conversation with her sisters, Olivia and Sophia, Aurora says that she had made it clear that the hall pass days were done.  

"Now that I've experienced it, I don't like it and I said, 'Is that something that you are going to be OK with?,' and he said he was going to think about it and let me know. He's like, 'Well, you changed.' And I'm not happy that he's not changing."

Aurora admits in another side interview that she and Mikey never wanted to get married. However, the decision was influenced by their families. She adds that the "chaos" welcoming a new baby added to the strain in their relationship. 

"Things just started to dismantle between us," she says.  

Aurora shares that she believed that having a family would inspire Mikey to want to be more present at home and be part of their daily home life -- but that wasn't the case.  

"Since life has changed and we have kids now, I guess I kinda thought that he would change just in terms of like, wanting to be home more," she says. "Being OK with having to choose family over friends. But, you know, Mikey really didn’t want to give up the freedoms that he’s always had."

Back in the kitchen conversation with her sisters, Olivia praises Aurora for her strength. However, Aurora admits that while her husband was away during the weekend, she was checking the Uber rides and doing detective work. 

Olivia and Sophia admit that they feel bad for their sister. Olivia notes that she’s been where Aurora is and encourages her sister to to be in an "open and honest” relationship." 

"I feel like maybe this one a year is just something that he feels like he can’t live without, that he feels like he can't be married to me if that’s his truth," Aurora says.  

At the end of the clip, Aurora shares that she is leaving it up to Mikey to decide if he wants to end their one time a year hall pass arrangement, but she is in fact, done with it.  

"I am leaving it up to him to make that decision whether it's something he needs. And if it is, he can't be married to me,” she says.  

Aurora and Mikey were married for three years, before Aurora filed for divorce from the Survivor alum in April.  

The Culpo Sisters airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on TLC.



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