'The Family Chantel': Pedro Speaks With His Half Brothers About His Mother's Affair (Exclusive)

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Pedro's intense family drama continues in this exclusive clip from Monday's new episode of The Family Chantel. In this clip, Pedro sits down with his half brothers in the Dominican Republic about the relationship they had with their father. Pedro's father had been absent most his life, and he and his younger sister, Nicole, are the product of their father having an affair with his mother, Lidia.

During the conversation, his half brothers say their dad was with them a lot of the time and was "always present."

"And truth is he was an exemplary father in that sense," one brother says as Pedro emotionally listens. "At home he was very strict. But he was always there, like, real responsible with work and so on. I know that's a painful thing for you too, for one that longs to have a father. I mean, it's hard, I understand. But yeah, that's the dad we got."

"So for me, it was very shocking when we found out," he continued, referring to their father's affair.

His other brother notes, "It is not something you expect to find that your father that you know all of your life, 20-something years, one day you come across the fact that he has another family elsewhere."

The brothers say they found out about the affair when one of them came across torn up papers and put it back together, and it turned out to be a letter from Pedro's mom.

The Family Chantel airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Pedro previously noted that his dad would only visit his mom at night, when he was sleeping. While talking to his wife, Chantel, he also expressed his frustrations at his mom not being repentant about having kids with a married man who already had his own family. Both Lidia and Pedro's grandmother told him that it was the culture in the Dominican Republic for men to always be "single."

"All the f**king people keep saying the same sh**, how good my father was, like, I don't f**king understand that sh**," he angrily said. "Don't f**king tell me that he was a good father just only because he give me f**king money and f**king clothes when I was baby. If that's what it is, that's fine. He can pay but I need more than that! ... What about feelings, connections, relationships? What about spend time together? It's not just about money."


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