'The Family Chantel' Season Finale: Royal Worries Angenette Will Disapprove of His Family's Wedding Outfits

ET has an exclusive clip from Royal and Angenette's wedding day.

The Family Chantel season finale will offer even more of an inside look into Royal and Angenette's big wedding in the Philippines -- and the groom has some concerns. 

Royal and Angenette already married at a courthouse in the United States, but wanted to have a ceremony for her own family. ET has an exclusive clip of Royal getting ready with his groomsmen, and expresses his concern that his family may not get along with Angenette since they have upset her in the past. 

There is a lighter moment when the men of the wedding party joke with Pedro, Royal's brother-in-law and Chantel's husband, about his "garter belt for men," but Royal's mood quickly changes when he sees his mother, Karen, and his sisters, Chantel and Winter, come down to meet them in elaborate hoop gowns. 

"You think Angenette will like this?" Karen asks her son. Clearly a little concerned, Royal responds, "I don't know what the dress code is."

Karen says they decided on the gowns because they were told they were traditional wedding attire. Both her and Chantel admit that the looks are a little outdated for their tastes, and refer to them as "prom dresses from the 1980s."

To see how Angenette reacts to the ladies' looks, check out The Family Chantel Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on TLC. For more with Royal and Angenette, watch the video below.