'The Flash' Cast Says West Allen Will Face Some 'Good Marital Tension' in Season 6 (Exclusive)

Grant Gustin, Candice Patton and their 'Flash' co-stars zoomed into ET's Comic-Con suite on Saturday.

The scarlet speedster is officially in San Diego!

Grant Gustin, Candice Patton and the cast of The Flash zoomed into ET's Comic-Con suite on Saturday to tease what's ahead for Central City's cutest couple: West Allen.

Gustin said the season picks up directly after the season five finale, with the couple mourning having to say goodbye to their future daughter, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy).

“We’re pretty much still dealing with the shock of it, and Barry is trying aggressively to be optimistic and move forward and probably, to a fault, not dealing with it in all the way he should be dealing with it," the actor said.

“And I think you’ll see kind of early on, Iris kind of questions how they’re both dealing with it," Patton added. "They really talk about what the appropriate way is to kind of grieve Nora so that they can move forward in a positive way and get back to Team Flash, and do it in a way so that they can sustain themselves as a married couple."

While the grieving period is definitely going to "shake it up" for the couple, Gustin assured there's no need to be concerned about their future. "There’s tension, but we are coming closer in some ways too," he said.

"It’s good marital tension, where it’s like, you’re not afraid of them getting divorced, but they’ve got stuff to work out, you know?" Patton added.

ET previously caught up with Patton while she was filming a PSA for Stand Up to Cancer at Dodger Stadium, and the actress dished on her favorite West Allen scene of season five.

"Oh, gosh, there've been so many!" she gushed, "I think having Nora, our daughter from the future, played a big role in our season together as husband and wife. I think the final moment in the finale, losing her was a huge one for Barry and Iris. I think it really brought them together. It's a beautiful West Allen moment."

Looking ahead to season six, Patton confessed that she's hoping to see Iris truly embrace her comic book roots in Central City.

"We've been toying around with Iris being a journalist for many years," she said. "We've never really seen her sit down and tackle that as her profession, which she is so iconically known for in the comics, so I'm always pushing that. I'm really hoping this season we see this iconic ace reporter." 

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