'The Flight Attendant': Kaley Cuoco, Zosia Mamet and Co-Stars React to Season 2 Finale (Exclusive)

'All that matters is the show gets some love,' Cuoco told ET of receiving Emmy recognition.

This story contains spoilers from the season 2 finale of The Flight Attendant.

The Flight Attendant closed the books on another chapter with a relatively happy ending for nearly all its main players.

After an explosive season of world-trotting adventures and blonde lookalikes, Cassie Bowden finally accepted every sliver of her imperfect self -- the sides of which she had been running from this entire time -- while also putting to bed the big mystery that had been plaguing her all season. Turns out, it was CIA boss, Dot (Cheryl Hines), who was the murderous doppelganger wreaking havoc on Cassie's life! With Dot brought to justice for her two-faced crimes, Cassie also came to discover that Jenny, the unassuming crime podcaster from Alcoholics Anonymous, was anything but -- just someone who was obsessed with Feliks, the season 1 killer, and ready to go to bat for the jailed murderer. Of course, Cassie had her revenge and eliminated Jenny for good.

And all was well elsewhere in the Flight Attendant universe too. Annie and Max finally had their wedding in the finale -- Las Vegas style, complete with "Elvis" -- and Megan was able to seek the closure she needed after spending much of the season being on the lam, going into witness protection by the end of the season. With things seemingly tied up in a relatively neat-ish bow, is there room for more to explore in a potential third season?

"We got to have a wrapping party for that one. Tie it up in a little bow," Kaley Cuoco said to ET's Nischelle Turner during The Flight Attendant's FYC event on Thursday of the season's joyful ending, with Zosia Mamet agreeing, "Yes, very much so." 

"That's up to Kaley, so I don't know anything about a potential season 3," Rosie Perez said, adding that she'd "absolutely" be down to return. "They'll see but I heard some rumblings."


The cast also broke down the finale's biggest moments, from Annie and Max's unconventional "I do's," to Megan's long-deserved happy ending, to Dot being the season's big bad.

"It was pretty adorable. That was pretty cute," Mamet gushed. 

"No cuter bride will there ever be than this one," Cuoco praised. "We were actually hoping that we were going to read the script and we were getting married!"

"One of our favorite photos that we both posted, we made our onset photographer take a photo of us [on the chapel set]," Mamet recalled. Cuoco quipped: "Under the thing like we were getting married!"

"There are plenty of stories to tell but I just don't know how hurt Max is gonna get to the next stage of their relationship," co-star Deniz Akdeniz, who plays Annie's new husband, Max, told ET. "It took him getting hit by a car to admit that she loved him. Max had to get terrorized by intruders to get a ring to be meaning that's an engagement ring. I think there's some behind the scenes that's missing to get to their wedding day."


Akdeniz noted that even he was blown away by the Dot twist. "Getting those scripts and then seeing that unfold, it blew my mind and I'm hoping that's what the audience has felt as well," he said. "But I was really happy that I actually got to share a scene with [Cheryl] because I’m actually a big fanboy of hers from Curb Your Enthusiasm, so I was really lucky to have Cheryl on board."

Perez was relieved when Megan was able to finally put the past behind her. "That was fantastic," she said, "and very emotional. I didn't anticipate all of that and when it came, I was like, 'Wow, this is amazing.'"

Added Griffin Matthews, who plays flight attendant Shane, of the journey all the characters have gone on: "I love all of those people and I love that world and even though I'm on the show and I don’t see everything that we make, I’m watching it with America. That’s the first time I saw it on my couch and I was like, 'This is beautiful,' and I think this season we really found some heart inside of [Cassie's] sobriety journey. There’s a lot of heart, love and thrill on that screen."

What the cast can agree on is that Cuoco, who also serves as an executive producer, is due for another Emmy nomination for her work playing multiple Cassies this season. (Cuoco earned her first individual acting Emmy nomination last year for season 1 of The Flight Attendant.)

"She deserves the Emmy, it's insane," Mamet said of her friend's performances. "If Kaley Cuoco dose not win an Emmy for playing five versions of herself..."

"We're gonna win it for eating all of these [Hot Tamales]!" Cuoco chimed in, referring to her character's favorite go-to snack. "Listen, all that matters is the show gets some love. This has been my baby. The show is what this is all about. We've had some amazing performances across the board this season and I'm just so proud of what we did. The show as a whole, I think that's what I was so excited about season 1. Getting the nomination was so cool, but to have the whole of the show get recognized was huge. That was really a big deal so that's what I want."

The Flight Attendant is streaming now on HBO Max.

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