The Fyre Festival Meets 'Lost' in Netflix's Newest Series, 'The I-Land'

The I-Land Netflix

The Fyre Festival  is getting the Netflix treatment -- again. 

At first glance, the trailer for the streaming platform’s latest series, The I-Land, looks just like the promotional video for the infamous luxury musical festival that ultimately never happened. But it quickly becomes clear that this isn’t just an island getaway. 

Starring Kate Bosworth, Alex Pettyfer and Natalie Martinez, the upcoming limited series created by Neil LaBute follows 10 people who wake up on a treacherous island with no memory from before they arrived. As they hunt for a way home, they quickly discover that they must face extreme psychological and/or physical challenges in order to survive.

Not much else is known about The I-Land, which Bosworth described to ET Canada as “sort of adventure sci-fi, but very grounded in character.” Ultimately, it looks like a combination of Lost, ABC’s popular scripted series about a group of plane crash survivors who are stranded on a mythical island, and Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary. 

Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, which debuted in January, detailed the demise of a luxury music festival that was supposed to take place on a private Bahamian island and entrepreneur Billy McFarland’s failed attempt to fraud investors out of millions of dollars. The documentary recently earned four 2019 Emmy nominations, including one for Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Special. It famously bested its Hulu counterpart, Fyre Fraud, which only earned one nomination. However, for those interested in McFarland and the festival’s now-famous demise, both are worth watching. 

The I-Land premieres Sept. 12 only on Netflix. 


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