The 'Good Girls' Bicker Over Who to Trust With Their Illegal Operation in Season 3 Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

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The Good Girls are back at it.

Christina Hendricks, Mae Whitman and Retta return to shake things up in the third season of NBC's crime dramedy, which picks up not long after the events of the sophomore season finale, and only ET premieres the exclusive first look at next Sunday's return episode.

When we last saw Beth (Hendricks), she had just shot Rio (Manny Montana) as he was beating up Agent Turner (James Lesure). Now that Rio's out of the picture (for now), she’s ready to run the game and stay in control. The women each take on seemingly innocent jobs -- Beth in a stationary store, Ruby (Retta) in a nail salon and Annie (Whitman) as a valet -- each with a special purpose to aid them in their new criminal enterprise as amateur counterfeiters. What happens as they expand their operation will have a ripple effect with their families. 

In ET's exclusive clip, the main trio find themselves desperate for help as they try to improve on their illegal side hustle. As they pull into a parking lot moments before they're set to meet a potential asset, expert graphic designer and Beth's co-worker, Lucy (Charlyne Yi), they have a real gut-check conversation in the car about how legitimate this woman is. Let's just say, their paranoia is at an 11.

"She could be an undercover cop!" Annie worries, causing Beth to reassure her friend that Lucy isn't exactly working for law enforcement. "You don't know that! She could be wearing a wire!"

"She doesn't even know what we're going to say," Beth says with a smile, clearly a little amused at the whole situation. "She just works at a paper store, OK?" 

"Noah just worked at a grocery store," Annie reminds Beth, referencing Annie's ex-lover who turned out to be an undercover cop tasked with finding out her secrets. 

When Beth brings up the fact that Lucy "has birds," Annie is sure that this woman is "a nutcase." 

"Or worse," Ruby joins in after quietly listening to the two bicker.

Can the three Good Girls put aside their differences for the good of their... criminal operation? Watch ET's exclusive sneak peek above to find out what happens next.

From executive producer Jenna BansGood Girls mixes a little Thelma & Louise with a bit of Breaking Bad, and also stars Matthew Lillard, Reno Wilson, Lidya Jewett and Isaiah Stannard.

Good Girls premieres Sunday, Feb. 16 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

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Christina Hendricks, 'Good Girls' Cast Show Who's Boss in Season 3 First Look (Exclusive)

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