'The Last of Us' Fans React to Heart-Wrenching Season 1 Finale

Fans online had much to say about the season's end...

Spoiler alert! This article contains spoilers for The Last of Us season 1 finale. 

The Last of Us came to a (temporary) end on Sunday night with the release of its season 1 finale. Aligned with the conclusion of The Last of Us Part I video game, creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann have now officially brought the entirety of the game's first installment to the screen. 

Sunday night's release left fans reeling after a violent hospital shootout. Joel realized that the Firefly doctors' intended procedure -- to analyze the cordyceps in Ellie's brain in the hopes of finding a cure -- would have killed her, and took out the surgeon and several Firefly guards in order to rescue Ellie off the operating table and get her out of the hospital.

However, when she wakes up after his killing spree, Joel lies to Ellie -- telling her that the doctors' science has failed and she is no longer part of their plan. The episode ends with a particular focus on this lie, driving a wedge between the pair as they journey back towards Wyoming.   

Season 2 will explore the contents of The Last of Us Part II, the game's sequel released in 2020. Read more on the show's upcoming installments here

In the meantime, fans online had much to say about the season's end...