'The Little Mermaid Live!': 9 Things You Didn't See on TV

Little Mermaid Live!
Eric McCandless via Getty Images

From crab claws to complicated costumes, here's a few observations from backstage at the big show!

The Little Mermaid Live! took the internet by storm on Tuesday, with fans tweeting and posting about all their favorite moments, funny flubs and powerful performances. 

Starring Moana's Auli'i Cravalho as Ariel and Queen Latifah as Ursula, the live show was a mashup of the beloved 1989 animated movie with live musical performances from the talented cast -- some of which were "new" songs from the Broadway musical. Glee star Amber Riley opened the spectacular show as the emcee, while other stars included Graham Phillips as Prince Eric, John Stamos as Chef Louis and Shaggy as Sebastian the crab.

But there were plenty of moments that fans at home didn't see during the live production. Here's some of our favorite behind-the-scenes moments!

1. Mermaid Maneuvering 

Cravalho's shimmering mermaid tail was stunning, but difficult to move in! The production used a wheelchair to get her from place to place during the live show.

2. Before the Flub 

Live TV is no laughing matter-- as Stamos learned when he botched an off-the-cuff joke at the end of his song, accidentally referring to Prince Eric as "Prince Albert." However, he nailed it in the dress rehearsal, joking with the audience that it should have been him -- not Phillips -- playing the romantic lead.

3. Audience Participation

The set, which was referred to as the "Disney Dive-In Theater," was made even more magical thanks to the audience, who were given ribbons to wave, reed hats and butterflies on sticks to help recreate certain scenes in the "under the sea" experience.

4. The Perfect Storm

Little Mermaid Live! went to great lengths to create an interactive experience throughout the production, even flickering the lights when the storm scene began in the animated movie.

5. Sebastian's Suit

Shaggy's red leather ensemble certainly got the internet talking -- turns out his crab character did have claws in some rehearsals, but they were ditched for the live production.

6. Catch That Cameo

Did you spot who was playing the blowfish? It was none other than Jimmy Kimmel Live star Guillermo!

7. On the Lot

Little Mermaid Live! was filmed on the Disney lot in Burbank, California. Thanks to the warm Southern California weather, their "backstage" space -- where performers gathered to watch the live feed in between scenes -- was outdoors in the middle of the lot!

8. Villainous Vocals

Latifah was a fan favorite as Ursula, and gave fans a behind-the-scenes look at her big bad laugh on Twitter during the show!

9. Baby Billy's Backstage Belt

While he didn't it make into the live show, Stamos' 1-year-old son, Billy, was a regular presence at the rehearsals for Little Mermaid Live! and made his presence known when his dad took the stage.

"I'm rehearsing my number, kinda for the first time on stage -- jumping on tables with knives and things -- and all I could hear was 'Dada, Dada, Dada, Dada!'" Stamos told ET at Monday's red carpet of his son's interruptions.

See more in the video below!