'The Masked Singer': Guest Panelist Rob Riggle Has Hilarious 'Hangover' Reunion With Ken Jeong (Exclusive)

Masked Singer

The 'Holey Moley' host sat down on 'The Masked Singer' for the Season 5 quarterfinals.

Rob Riggle is joining The Masked Singer for the season 5 quarterfinals. The comedian and Holey Moley star sits down on the panel on Wednesday's big episode, and reunites with his former The Hangover star, Ken Jeong.

In ET's exclusive clip from the episode, Jeong is surprised by host Nick Cannon with a piece of fan mail sent in by an audience member.

"Dear Ken, I am the world's biggest Hangover fan," Jeong reads aloud from the fan letter. "I understand your co-star Rob Riggle is on the show tonight, and he stole the movie."

"You were the best part," fellow panelist Robin Thicke tells Riggle as an annoyed Jeong looks on, irritated.

"Can you get him to sign this?" Ken continues reading, as Riggle is more than happy to hop up and autograph the letter. Soon after, Thicke and panelist Nicole Scherzinger are getting him to sign autographs for them as well.

Jenny McCarthy even expresses her admiration, and gets Riggle to give them a taste of his iconic Stepbrothers catchphrase: "Pow!"

The Masked Singer quarterfinals will see the so-called "Feisty Five" -- The Black Swan, The Yeti, The Piglet, The Russian Dolls and The Chameleon -- face off in an epic musical showdown as they all duke it out for the coveted Golden Mask Trophy.

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Check out the video below to hear more about the wild and unexpected unmaskings that have already rocked the fifth season of The Masked Singer.

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox. For more on this exciting season, check out the video below!