'The Masked Singer' Week 8 Features Big Clues, a Double Elimination and a Lot of Crying

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The Masked Singer returned Wednesday night for another evening of wild, wacky fun! ET is following along throughout the exciting one-hour episode to break down all the craziest moments, best performances, and most revealing clues -- which all come courtesy of some close, personal friends and family of the costumed contestants.

Group B is hitting the stage for the last time tonight, and fans are getting a chance to see the group's four remaining characters sing their hearts out -- and share some revealing clues about their secret identities -- in a battle for spots in the Super Six. Which means, tonight will also feature a shocking double elimination.

Everyone's favorite panel of celebrity "detectives" -- including Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, and Jenny McCarthy -- are trying their best to guess the singers' secret identities, as fans at home keep their eyes peeled for all the smallest and most revealing hints.

The fun kicks off at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox, and you can follow along with ET in our live blog, right here:

And The Serpent Is...

6:00 PM:

Wow, Nicole knows her stuff. It's Dr. Elvis Francois, the singing surgeon! 

"This is unbelievable. It's a once in a lifetime situation," Elvis shares. "It's very different from what I do on a day to day basis, but something that I'll never forget for the rest of my life."

Ken is actually brought to tears when he compliments his viral hit. He has to choke back tears as he tells the doctor, "You're version of 'Imagine' got us through the pandemic."

"That living room concert you did on Fox, that was the first time we saw it. And in a concert of stars -- it was Elton John, Billy Joel, everybody -- the best moment of that living room concert, um, was you," Ken shares, with tears streaming down his face.

"I told my wife, who's also a doctor, 'You know, that's what a real doctor does, man,'" Ken continues. "He's an orthopedic surgeon. I was a generalist. This guy is smarter than any doctor on the planet, and there's just truly no one more talented than him. And I'm crying because I'm jealous that you're more talented than me."

Wow, what an emotional and surprisingly honest moment! That's why we love this show!!!

Panelists' Final Guesses:

5:58 PM:

Ken's First Impression Guess: Usher
Ken's Final Guess: Daveed Diggs

Nicole's First Impression Guess: Okieriete Onaodowan
Nicole's Final Guess: Dr. Elvis, the Singing Surgeon

Jenny's First Impression Guess: John Legend
Jenny's Final Guess: Taye Diggs

Robin's First Impression Guess: Wanya Morris
Robin's Final Guess: Donald Faison

Cheryl's Final Guess: Donald Faison

Crocodile Vs Serpent

5:55 PM:

The big showdown of the night is here! Which reptile is going home?

The second Group B singer getting the axe is...

... The Serpent!

That means The Crocodile is heading to the Super Six!

Whatchamacallit Unmasked!

5:50 PM:

So who was under the mask?

As it turns out, Ken occasionally gets something right!

It's Lonzo Ball! And Ken is freaking out.

"I love music, I love performing, so this kind of brought it all together," he shares. "And I knew my mom watches this show, so this'll put a smile on her face."

When asked what was the best part of being on the show, Lonzo shares, "The best part is coming out here and doing what I love to do without anyone judging me."

Panelists' Final Guesses:

5:48 PM:

Ken's First Impression Guess: Damian Lillard
Ken's Final Guess: Lonzo Ball

Robin's First Impression Guess: Tyler, the Creator
Robin's Final Guess: Michael Strahan

Jenny's First Impression Guess: Winston Duke
Jenny's Final Guess: Devon Booker

Nicole's First Impression Guess: "Uncle It" (??? What??)
Nicole's Final Guess: Carmelo Anthony

Cheryl's Final Guess: JB Smoove

The First Singer Getting Unmasked Is!

5:45 PM:

Before we find out who is getting the second spot in the Super Six, we're going to find out which is the first contestant to get unmasked.

After an agonizing commercial break, Nick reveals that the first eliminated character of the night is...

... Whatchamacallit!

This means he's going to be taking his mask off, and the drama will all come down to The Crocodile and the Serpent after this unmasking.

The Results Are In!

5:40 PM:

Now that all four contestants performed, and the audience has a chance to vote, Nick has the results.

The first singer to make it to the Super Six is...

...The Seahorse! Well deserved!

So now we're down to the last three! Of course there's a damn commercial break! Arrrgh!

The Serpent is One Cool Snake

5:38 PM:

The Serpent brings a new suaveness to "Cool" by the Jonas Brothers with his impressive performance.

"That was a super six performance right there," Robin says, impressed.

Game Changing Clue:

This clue is presented by The Eagle (who was Dr. Drew) with a sign that read "Serpent has sung with one of you before."

Panelists' Guesses:

Ken says it might be Jaime Foxx.

Cheryl thinks it could be Donald Faison, and Robin agrees.

Nicole thinks it could be Dr. Elvis -- the surgeon who's cover of "Imagine" went viral earlier this year.

The Serpent -- NEW CLUES!!

5:35 PM:

The Serpent:

- We meet his college roommate, whose got a pizza box for a head.

- He says, "When I met Serpent, we were both dirt poor."

- We see a table with popcorn, a jar of mayo and a jar of peanut butter.

- He says, "Serpent suffered through a million set-backs, but I remember the day everything changed. It's like God flipped the light switch."

- We see the Serpent surrounded by sunflowers.

- We see a mop bucket filled with soap, gloves and a sponge.

- He says, "He wasn't looking for fame, it was like fame found him."

- We see movie posters on the wall for Serpent Strikes Back and Anti-Venom.

- We see a toy ambulance.

- He says, "Imagine yourself in the Super Six."

Whatchamacallit Leans On His Flow

5:28 PM:

While Whatchamacallit is the first to admit he isn't the same kind of singer as his opponents, he still knows how to deliver a show.

This week, he gets everyone on their feet with a performance of "Lean Back" by Terror Squad, featuring Fat Joe and Remy Ma.

"This was absolutely your best performance," Jenny marveled with a huge smile.

Game Changing Clue:

This clue is presented by The Ice Cream, who was Tyler "Ninja" Blevins from Season 2, and he unfurls a banner that says "Whatcha's Already Won a Championship."

Panelists' Guesses:

Ken says it could be Lonzo Ball.

Nicole thinks it could be Carmelo Anthony.

Cheryl says it could be JB Smoove.

Whatchamacallit -- NEW CLUES!!

5:24 PM:


- Says, "Since my competitors have a handle on singing, I'm really hoping my SWAG will carry me through."

- His friend giving the clue is his high school teacher/mentor, whose head is a giant whistle.

- We see a coffee pot filling with coffee.

- The talking whistle says, "Whatchamacallit has a good head on his shoulders. Very focused and hardworking."

- There's a table filled with Smarties candies and a royal crown.

- Says, "I remember when he was a sophomore, he brought a senior girl to prom, and I thought 'Man, he's gonna be sweating through his tux.' But when he hit the dance floor, he busted out some serious movies."

- We see a dancing toy in the shape of a Buckingham Palace Guard.

The Crocodile Has a Lot of Love

5:17 PM:

The Crocodile has sure shown a lot of range throughout his time on the show. Hitting high notes and showing everyone a good time with his song choices.

This week, he's showing us a softer, more emotional side that really leaves the judges in awe with his performance of "Bleeding Love" by Leona Lewis.

"You just punched your ticket, man," Robin said. "That was your best vocal."

Game Changing Clue:

The game changing clue is presented by The Bee (who was Gladys Knight), who holds up a sign that says,  "Croc was in a huge cult classic movie."

Panelists' Guesses:

Ken says it's Jared Leto.

Nicole thinks it's Jordan Knight.

Robin suggests it's Justin Guarini.

The Crocodile -- NEW CLUES!!

5:12 PM:

The Crocodile:

- Says, "Even I'm surprised by how much blood, sweat and tears I've put into every performance."

- The Crocodile's friend who delivers the clues is a DJ, known as the "Interviewer to the Stars."

- He says, "I've worked with some of the biggest names in the biz, but Croc is my ride or die."

- He says, "We've been all around the world together. Once we traveled to six contents in 100 hours."

- He says, "Despite his hard exterior, he's a total softie who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. Even if its just playing video games."

- We see a house of cards.

- He says, "Whether it's video games or The Masked Singer, when it comes to winning, this guy has a one-track mind."

- We see a "Lucky Lizard" lottery card with a grand prize of $130,000,000

The Seahorse Steals the Spotlight One More Time

5:09 PM:

Every time she takes the stage, The Seahorse makes performing seem effortless.

She also delivers numbers that sound almost exactly like the original versions, and it's no different this week with her rendition of Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time."

"I mean, that might be Britney Spears up there," Nicole marvels in awe. "That was spot on! That was crazy."

Game Changing Clue:

This week, the clues are delivered by a Masked Singer alum who the star has some connection with. Which essentially means a past character will come out to deliver the clue.

I this case, it's The Astronaut -- who fans will remember was unmasked as Hunter Hayes in Season 3 -- and he's holding a Foam Finger with the words "Seahorse's #1 Fan" on one side and "Seahorse was never in a girl group" on the other side."

Panelists' Guesses:

Jenny suggests Kesha.

Cheryl says it could be Kellie Pickler.

Ken thinks it could be Sia, and Nicole thinks that could be a good guess.

The Seahorse -- NEW CLUES!!

5:04 PM:

The Seahorse:

- We get these clues from The Seahorse's "spiritual advisor", who is dressed like a priest with a Kleenex box for a head.)

- He says, "I'll never forget the first time she came over. Just the girl next door with a backpack and a guitar. Ready to work."

- He says, "When she started singing, I was stunned. I didn't expect such a raw, powerful voice so full of emotion."

- We see a box of fried chicken and pickles with the word 'Nashville' down the side.

- He says, "I must confess, she even made this tough hombre cry."

- We see a Christmas wreath.

- We see two baby dolls.

- He says, "Seahorse, I know you've put in tireless dedication and devotion to make it to the Super Six. No one deserves it more. Can I get an amen?"

Tonight's Guest Panelist

5:03 PM:

There's a special guest joinig the panel this evening -- Ken's I Can See Your Voice co-star Cheryl Hines!

It'll be interesting to see how Hines handles this show, since she's already familiar with the whole "weird singing competition" format.

Tonight's Showdown

5:01 PM:

Tonight is going to be big! We've got the four Group B finalists facing off, and a double elimination!

We're going to learn the secret identities of two different contestants tonight!! Sorry, this is just very exciting.

If you're trying to crack the mystery of the costumed contestants like the rest of America, check out our running list of spoilers, hints and best guesses, where we break down all the clue packages and make wild (surprisingly accurate) predictions about the singers' secret identities.

For more on this exciting season ofThe Masked Singer, check out the video below!


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