'The Masked Singer' Sneak Peek: Ken Jeong Thinks Queen Cobras Are a Trio of Pop Megastars!

Masked Singer
Michael Becker / FOX

Ken is once again shooting for the stars with his wild guesses in Wednesday's new episode.

Ken Jeong is really not holding back when it comes to his latest round of guesses on Wednesday's new episode of The Masked Singer!

In this exclusive sneak peek from the forthcoming episode, we see Ken piecing together all the clues after another performance from Queen Cobra -- or should we say Queen Cobras, as they revealed in a surprise move last week, there are actually three costumed performers.

Referring to some hints in the clue package that aired before their new performance, Ken surmises that the Queen Cobras might actually be three huge music megastars.

"She said 'Bang!' [and] 'Wizard.' You know who's starring in the movie adaptation of Wicked? Ariana Grande," Ken says, spelling out his deductive reasoning. "And three people sang 'Bang, Bang.' The Second person, Jessie J, also has a song called 'Price Tag!'" 

While it's clear his fellow panelists -- Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger and Jenny McCarthy -- and host Nick Cannon, aren't really sold, Ken soldiers on to deliver the final piece of the puzzle.

"But we need the third person? OK! Last week there was a heart [clue], and the person who wrote and sang 'Buy a Heart' was Nicki Minaj!" concludes Ken, explaining that she, too, sang on the hit 2014 single.

"Bang, bang! I win!" Ken declares, as he fired off imaginary finger guns and blew smoke from his finger barrels, all while Nicole rolls her eyes.

While it's unlikely, this isn't the most outlandish guess Ken has made in recent weeks. Earlier in this season, he thought The Armadillo was Al Pacino, and it turned out to be Dog the Bounty Hunter!

Either way, fans will be able to see Queen Cobras face off against Space Bunny and Frog Prince on Wednesday -- where there will be a double elimination! Two singers will be sent home, while the remaining singer will take the third spot in the finale!

The all-new Masked Singer kicks off Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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