The Miz Talks Tea Parties & ‘Frozen’ Dress-Ups with His Daughters (Exclusive)

The 40-year-old WWE star tells ET he just can’t get enough of being a girl dad!

Singing songs about going potty and dressing up in Frozen gear might not be how many wrestling fans imagine Michael Mizanin, more commonly known as “The Miz.” But the 40-year-old WWE star tells ET he just can’t get enough of being a girl dad!

The pro has two daughters -- 2-year-old Monroe and 1-year-old Madison -- with his wife of six years, Maryse.

“He’s so good,” Maryse says. “Mike plays a villain in WWE, and being a villain, he’s so adorable with kids. He’s in such a different light.”

“There’s a lot of tea parties,” Mike adds. “I will put on a Frozen outfit if I have to because my daughters love it. Honestly, I can’t imagine it [being] different. I love being a girl dad!”

That softer side of Mike is what fans will continue to get a peek into as season two of his reality series, Miz & Mrs, recommences on the USA Network on Thursday.

The couple say little was off-limits for the cameras as they filmed the latest episodes.

“When we first started out, we said that everything is a go,” Mike says. “Honestly, a lot of our drama is just stuff you laugh at.”

“We just make fun of each other,” Maryse adds.

While Mike admits the two don’t always agree on things, Maryse notes that, “the bottom line, I’m always right!”

As for how the pair would feel about their daughters one day pursuing wrestling, Mike is all for the idea.

“If this is what they want to do, they'll have all the tools they need,” he says. “If they want to venture into the world of entertainment, there is no better place to do it than the world of WWE.”

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