‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’: Robyn Shocks Gizelle as She Explodes on Ashley -- Watch! (Exclusive)


In ET’s sneak peek at this week’s all-new episode, Gizelle Bryant is trying to play peace broker between Robyn Dixon and Ashley Darby, and it does not go well.

Robyn Dixon has apparently had it with Ashley Darby.

In ET’s exclusive first look at Sunday’s The Real Housewives of Potomacthe ladies get into a shouting match at what is supposed to be a friendly brunch to heal the group.

“Look, ladies,” Gizelle Bryant announces to her friends. “We’re not having any fun anymore. So, this is a table of positivity. I felt in the spirit that the worst conflict was between Miss Ashley and Miss Robyn. I was hoping that we could get to a better place.”

Robyn simply replies “I’m good” to Gizelle, sending all the physical cues that she doesn’t want to speak about her issues with Ashley publicly. Robyn has been vocal about not liking how Ashley speaks to other people about Robyn’s relationship with her ex-husband, Juan, who is also the father of her children. Robyn and Juan don’t live apart and even sleep in the same bed, despite being divorced.

“I mean, I expect that to be Robyn’s reaction,” Ashley responds. “I’ve been going through a lot of things lately in relation to my mom and her partner. She stayed with him, because she says it’s for the benefit of my sister, their kid. I feel like, with Robyn, even though she doesn’t believe me, I do care about her. I don’t want anyone to stay in a situation for the benefit of the kids.”

Check out the heated exchange here:

“You have repeatedly disrespected me,” Robyn fires back at Ashley. “Do you expect me to like you?!”

“Please, I don’t want to do this,” she then says. “I don’t. I don’t want to hear anything else out of her mouth about my family.”

“I’m not going to say anything else,” Ashley responds before tacking on a, “my issue is with you.”

“What is the issue?!” Robyn then screams. “What have I done to you?!”

The ladies are visibly shocked by Robyn’s outburst, especially Gizelle -- but Ashley finds the time for one more jab, saying, “You don’t need to be with someone just to raise children.”

You’ll have to tune into The Real Housewives of Potomac on Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo to see what happens next.