The 'Summer House' Season 6 Trailer Is Here!

Ciara Miller and Paige DeSorbo have a conversation in costume on Summer House season 6

Summer should be fun dramatic as hell! Bravo's Summer House is back for season 6, and judging by the trailer, these Manhattanites nearly burned the Hamptons to the ground. Longtime stars Kyle Cooke, Amanda Batula, Carl Radke, Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, Danielle Olivera and Luke Gulbranson all return for another go-around of backyard blowouts and Loverboy hangovers, alongside returning housemate Ciara Miller and a crop of newbies: Paige's Winter House love interest, Andrea Denver, joins the house, plus Alex Wach and Mya Allen, a friend of Paige.

The heated sneak peek kicks off with flashes from the lead-up to Kyle and Amanda's wedding day. While fans know they made it down the aisle, it apparently wasn't easy getting there. "If I call off the wedding, you won't understand why," Amanda tells Kyle in one moment, before he proclaims, "I can't f**king make her happy." Paige later asks Amanda through tears, "Do you guys really want to get married? You could not if you didn't want to," before Lindsay says, "This stuff is a little concerning. Like, are you guys gonna..." as Danielle jumps in to finish the sentence with, "...make it down the aisle?" 

"Do you realize our relationship is in jeopardy here?" Amanda later asks her now-husband, who fires back with, "Our whole relationship isn't my responsibility!" Amanda also flat-out says she's calling off the engagement, and Kyle announces to the group he's... $4 million in debt?!

Watch it all play out here:

Kyle and Amanda's pre-wedding antics are only the tip of this iceberg, as blowout parties and a mix of city life return to the series after season 5's quarantine-style, COVID-impacted filming style. With more freedom comes more opportunities for love... and heartbreak. Lindsay declares herself to be a "free agent, accepting all applications," effectively announcing her relationship with Winter House's Jason Cameron didn't last long after that vacation ended. The teaser shows her kissing Alex and getting flirty with her ex/longtime friend and housemate, Carl, which leaves Ciara gobsmacked and Amanda questioning Lindsay.

"It feels like you're falling for different people one after another," she tells the PR exec.

"I can't help that I have butterflies and rainbows flying out of my vagina!" Lindsay exclaims back, as she sips on what looks to be the Bravo-lebrity drink of choice, an espresso martini.

Then there's Paige and Andrea, who appear to be still going strong-ish, taking their Vermont flirtation to full relationship in the Hamptons... but that's apparently short-lived, as Paige starts seeing Winter House housemate/Southern Charm star Craig Conover! Cameras seemingly capture their first date, with Craig calling Paige out for being nervous. Cut to the now-couple making out in an elevator!

Things get complicated for Paige and Craig, though, when a very unexpected reality TV crossover occurs: Kristin Cavallari enters the mix! While the Laguna Beach alum doesn't appear on camera, her relationship with Craig becomes a point of contention for the new couple. "Are you still f**king her?" a fired-up Paige asks Craig, before the supertease jumps to the fashion influencer shouting, "Watch me f**king walk away!" 

The cast of Bravo's Summer House season 6
Stephanie Diani / Bravo

Later, Andrea alleges he "finds out of nowhere" that Paige and Craig are a couple and confronts Paige over it, announcing he's "hurt" before breaking down in tears to Kyle. 

Craig's Southern Charm buddy, Austen Kroll, pops in, too, to address his own unfinished Winter House business with Ciara. The trailer features a montage of the two looking coupled up and getting cozy in the pool... before an abrupt pivot to Austen kissing Lindsay, and an even more abrupt cut to them in bed, with Austen telling Lindsay, "I'm gonna eat you from front to back." 

Luke inserts himself in the love triangle (after finding himself caught between Ciara and Hannah Berner last year), calling Austen out for saying different things to Lindsay and Ciara. "Luke, go make maple syrup, dude!" Austen issues as a clap back. Of course, Ciara and Lindsay get into it over Austen, as well, with Danielle coming in to back up bestie Lindsay... which does not go over well with Ciara. Drinks. Go. Flying. 

Summer House season 6 premieres on Monday, Jan. 17, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.


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