The 'Summer House' Season 7 Reunion Trailer Is Here!

Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera have a tense face-off at the Summer House reunion

Tensions boil over for Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera in this first look at the 'Summer House' cast's reunion special.

"I hated seeing Lindsay's face." 

So begins the Summer House season 7 reunion trailer, with Danielle Olivera reflecting on her friendship fallout with one-time bestie Lindsay Hubbard, whom she now describes as a "stranger." Fans have watched the two grow further and further apart over the course of the season, Lindsay's engagement to longtime friend Carl Radke proving to be their breaking point.

"You were the coldest, emotionless person I've ever seen," Kyle Cooke tells Lindsay of how she handled Danielle.

"I had had enough!" Lindsay fires back.

"I'm starting to think you shouldn't be friends," host Andy Cohen announces.

It's one of many tense exchanges previewed in the first look at the all-cast sit-down special. Danielle, Lindsay, Carl and Kyle join castmates Amanda Batula, Paige DeSorbo, Ciara Miller, Mya Allen, Chris Leoni, Samantha Feher, Gabby Prescord and Kory Keefer on two giant couches to rehash the summer that was, with a lot of the heat targeted at Carl and Lindsay. The reunion promises fresh revelations about the Lindsay and Danielle saga, with Danielle hinting at previously undisclosed secrets she opted to keep under wraps to protect Lindsay and Carl, plus new accusations about their romance.

At one point, Paige alleges Carl and Lindsay "lie and spin everything," prompting an activated Lindsay to fire back with, "Isn't this a lot of money to be spending for a lie?," a reference to their in-the-works November nuptials.

"Yeah, that's why I'm confused," Paige replies, "because neither of you have jobs." 

Watch it all play out here:

Paige also asks Lindsay to name a woman on their cast she speaks to, other than season 7's new additions, before Gabby questions why she's so excited to see the demise of Lindsay and Danielle's friendship. Paige denies being excited, but was happy to see Danielle stand up for herself. 

Mya and Lindsay also relitigate their previously squashed beef over Carl, which kicked off the season, Lindsay seemingly upset by Mya pursuing a friendship with him. Mya echoes Paige, telling Lindsay she's spinning things. 

Kyle confronts Lindsay, too, this time over allegedly spreading an off-show cheating rumor, attempting to "sabotage" his and Amanda's marriage. Carl jumps in to defend Lindsay, reminding Kyle that he did, in fact, previously cheat on Amanda. 

There are redemptive moments, too, with Kyle admitting to feeling "so ashamed and so embarrassed" for exposing Carl's off-camera behavior, specifically showing up to work at his company, Loverboy, while on drugs at the height of his battle with addiction. The two tearfully hug it out. Andy also presses Kyle on his commitment to growing out a mullet, and why he considers Ciara his "hall pass."

"I think that there was at least an open dialogue that I haven't seen in at least the past two summers that I've been involved in the show," Mya told ET of taping the reunion. "So I think that, in a sense, having the truth come out is a way to step into the forward direction ... but I'm not sure if we are all roses and butterflies, is what I'll say."


The sneak peek also features an uncomfortable exchange between Gabby and Ciara, Gabby admitting to feeling like Ciara would not give her a chance.

"If we could've made it a three-part [reunion], we could've," Ciara added to ET. "We probably could've kept going, sitting on those couches for, like, 10-plus hours. ... I think it's always surprising what people's reality is..."

"Or delusion," Mya chimed in. "I feel like I experienced that quite a bit."

"Or what 'their truth' is in a situation," Ciara said. "How they replay scenarios that just didn't happen. I think that's always very surprising to hear at a reunion."

Summer House airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.