'The View's Joy Behar Snaps at Sara Haines and Tells Her to Shut Up

Behar and Haines were debating whether women and men can really be just friends. 

A heated discussion. The View star Joy Behar snapped at co-host Sara Haines on Wednesday, telling her to "shut up" during a chat about male-female platonic relationships. 

"I feel like I have a platonic relationship with Brian, our executive producer," Behar said. She and her fellow co-hosts, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Alyssa Farah Griffin and Haines were debating whether women and men can really be just friends. 

Haines agreed, saying "I do too," just as Behar playfully told her to "shut up." 

"He's mine," she added as the group laughed around her. 

Though it was fairly clear the clapback was in jest, Behar told ET in 2022 that "a heated conversation is always fun." 

The women continued the debate about the group's EP. "During the break, before, I invited him to take a sniff and see if my perfume is holding up," Behar said. "Is that a platonic thing to do or romantic thing?" 

Brian joked to the group, "I'm dead from the waist down so it doesn't really matter." 

The fun exchange was the latest memorable moment to occur on the beloved daytime talk show. Last month, the show cut audio of a NSFW comment from Haines. During the episode, the group discussed ABC's recently announced Golden Bachelor show, which gives an older suitor a chance at finding love.

After Goldberg ushered in the conversation, resident Bachelor expert Griffin chimed in with her thoughts.

"I think this is a good idea," Griffin began. "Here's the problem, a lot of couples on The Bachelor don't stay together, it's people in their young 20s, a lot of 23-year-old girls who, you got a lot of life ahead of you and a lot to figure out about yourself. I think having a 60+ bachelor and bachelorettes will actually be more likely to last in a relationship, because you know who you are and what you want. There's a second chance for love."

Haines added, "I think the characters are going to be more relatable. It's not just because 20-somethings are younger, but people that have been in a marriages look at the journey differently, once you've been in it. Even if you stay with the person, your ideas change over time, to see people that I could look at and say, 'You look at it more complicated and more layered,' this is cool to watch. And I love the whole there are chapters left in your life, you can make it whatever you want, that whole aspirational."

All of the women had fun with the possibilities of the show, with Hostin joking about the napping that would be going on in the Fantasy Suites with the older couples, Behar remarking that the commercials will be all about Viagra and the short amount of time that will come with "Til death do us part," and Griffin proclaiming, "It's not a sugar daddy show." 

Haines quickly interjected again about her co-hosts' remarks, "You guys, these are only 60-year-olds," she exclaimed. "Do you know how young 60 is? I know 60-year-olds, they run marathons."

As Haines added, "They do...," her last word was censored and Goldberg hilariously jumped back in her chair, before tossing it to break.