Whoopi Goldberg Gives Sunny Hostin a Lap Dance on 'The View'

When Hostin said she had never seen a lap dance before, Goldberg decided to change that.

Whoopi Goldberg just gave Sunny Hostin a lap dance. On Monday's episode of The View, the ladies were discussing a report that claimed 70 percent of people cheat at their bachelor and bachelorette parties, with the offending acts including everything from a lap dance to a threesome. 

Hostin questioned whether a lap dance would count as cheating, telling her co-hosts, "I said during our Hot Topics meeting that lap dancing isn't cheating, but come to think of it, I've never seen a lap dance, so maybe it is cheating?"

Goldberg took it upon herself to change that, asking Hostin, "Would you like to see?"

Both Hostin and the audience agreed, and Goldberg stood up and walked over to Hostin to give her her very first lap dance.

"First I start, I'm looking at you, OK? And then I start to turn, and then it's all like this, and then it's like that," Goldberg said as she narrated her movements. "And then it's me going down over here, and then I go back on the side."

After Goldberg's performance, Ana Navarro told Hostin that a typical lap dance would include "a lot less clothes." With that, Hostin came to a conclusion about lap dances, declaring, "That's cheating."

When ET spoke to Goldberg ahead of the premiere of The View's 26th season, she shared her hopes for the daytime series.

"It's going to be us trying to not implode on the show," Goldberg said with a laugh, "and just helping people figure out the things that maybe they have questions about."