'The Voice': Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani Spar Over Musical Knowledge in Hilarious Outtakes (Exclusive)

Kelly Clarkson gets spooked by a lighting tech and John Legend ponders Blake Shelton's middle name in a few silly clips from blinds.

The Voice kicked things off with the first week of blind auditions on Monday and Tuesday, and while things seemed to go pretty smoothly -- barring a temper tantrum or two from Blake Shelton -- there was even more happening behind the scenes! 

In ET's exclusive look at behind-the-scenes bloopers and outtakes from week one of the beloved singing competition show, fans can see this season's coaches -- Shelton, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Kelly Clarkson -- joking around with the crowd, crew, and each other in between auditions.

"Next time, if you say you know a song, I'm gonna say, 'Well guess what, I have iTunes!'" Stefani playfully ribs Shelton in one clip. "I know how to look songs up on the internet!"

Other silly outtakes include Legend taking wild stabs at Shelton's middle name -- his guess of "Theophilus" is actually not that far off from "Tollison" -- and Clarkson getting spooked by a sneaky lighting tech.

And, while Stefani and Clarkson seem to frequently take bathroom breaks together, they have no problem mocking Shelton for his own trips to hit the head.

"Old Man Bladder," Clarkson yells as Shelton walks off-stage in between setups. "That's your new single!"

See more in the video above. ET spoke with Shelton earlier this month, where he opened up about having Stefani -- and her competitive streak -- return to The Voice this season. 

"You know, she wants to win and I want to win and that's what they pay us to do on this show is to try to win the show," he said of his lady love. "It's harder for [Gwen]. She's not, she's not competitive. She'll be the first to tell you right up until it gets competitive and then all of a sudden she is."

The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.