'The Voice' Coaches Say Blake Shelton Is Going to Lose in Season 22 (Exclusive)

The new season of NBC's singing competition kicks off Monday, Sept. 19.

Camila Cabello is having a great time as the newest coach on The Voice -- even though Blake Shelton likes to joke about hazing her!

"It's so fun -- I have so much fun with these guys," Camila told ET's Cassie DiLaura when she and her fellow coaches sat down ahead of season 22 of NBC's singing competition, which premieres Monday, Sept. 19. "I get excited and giddy... It's like going to school and seeing your funny friends."

But while Blake may be focused on his high school antics, John Legend is kicking himself for telling Camila that she would make a good Voice coach when she was Team Legend's season 21 celeb mentor.

"I told her that, and who knew I was charting my demise?" he said with a laugh. "She's such a great coach and she's going to be quite a formidable foe for us all season." 

John admitted that "everybody's got really good team members" in season 22, making for some "tough" competition. However, he and Gwen Stefani -- returning to the show for the first time since she and Blake tied the knot -- agreed that they're working hard to make sure "The Cowboy" doesn't get to add another trophy to his mantle. 

"Blake's losing this season," Gwen teased, with John agreeing, "He's going to lose."

The pair each have their own motivators -- the last time Gwen was on the show, in season 20, she won her first Voice championship with singer Carter Rubin. And John hasn't won since his first season, making the Team Legend coach "feel like I have to."

"That's embarrassing," Blake laughed.

As for Gwen, she says that, despite all the competition, part of her is having a great time being back on set with her hubby. "It's just pretty fun," she admitted, referencing one of the pair's duets as she added, "Like, 'Happy Anywhere,' you know what I'm saying?"

But while Blake claims that he's "more competitive" and strategic with Gwen back, John jokes that having his wife on set is the country star's "kryptonite."

"I think like I said, she takes the edge off him just a little bit," he explained. "She is his weakness."

As for Blake, he's playing it cool, and praising the "unbelievable" level of talent that singers always bring to The Voice.

"The reason there is four coaches on The Voice is because it takes three people to go against me," he teased.

Blake's former Voice rival, Kelly Clarkson, is taking a break from the competition this season to spend more time with her family and on the rest of her busy schedule. However, when ET recently spoke with the Kelly Clarkson Show host, she had a little advice to impart to Camila on her first season.

“Good luck with that. Bring a shield,” she joked about the Voice coaches' seating arrangement, which has Camila in the line of fire next to Blake.

However, Kelly said that she's confident that Camila will be able to hold her own against the more-experienced coaches.

"I think she’s gonna just excel in that situation," she shared. "I think she’s very comfortable in her skin and I think that’s what it takes to be a coach and to be able to coach people -- you have to be comfortable, first and foremost. So I think she's gonna do well and I hope she kicks his a**.”

The Voice season 22 kicks off Monday, Sept. 19 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.