'The Voice' Season 25 Coaches Welcome Dan + Shay and React to the New Double Chair (Exclusive)

The new season of the singing competition kicks off Monday, Feb. 26.

Dan + Shay are the newest coaches in The Voice family, and they're having a blast so far during season 25!

The duo joins fellow season 25 coaches Reba McEntire, John Legend and Chance the Rapper for the new season of the NBC singing competition, which kicks off with Blind Auditions on Monday, Feb. 26.

"It's honestly been the greatest experience," Shay marveled. "We've known Reba for a little while, got to meet her many years ago, and obviously, I've been fans of Chance and John for a long time as well."

"We were kind of presented with this opportunity -- I didn't know that this would ever be a dream of mine -- and whatever we thought it might be, I was like, I don't think I've ever wanted to do anything other than be a coach on The Voice," he added. "It's just unbelievable."

The duo says they've been fans of the show for years -- they served as mentor for Blake Shelton's team back in season 20 and even stepped in to guest coach Niall Horan's team last season -- but getting to serve as full-time coaches for the first time has been a whole new experience.

"It's changed everything for us," Shay admitted. "I just really enjoy the process of getting to work with these artists, and you really, you get attached. It becomes heartbreaking when you have to let people go. But it's been an amazing experience."

The duo has been welcomed with open arms by their fellow coaches, who said they're "having a blast" introducing the country duo to the competition.

"They give great notes. They’re really good," Reba praised. "They're knowledgeable about the business but they also have a lot of heart and that's what they're going for."

Chance makes his return this season for the first time since his season 23 Voice debut, where he joined Blake, Kelly Clarkson and Niall Horan. He told ET it's especially exciting to be back with a whole new roster of coaching talent.

"I've always just admired John and he's helped me in so many different ways," he reflected. "To be working with him and then to be around Reba, and Dan + Shay, and with this amazing crew... I do miss Blake, but it's just cool to be back in the building."

Despite the good vibes, however, the coaches are still plenty competitive. With Niall stepping away this season after winning back-to-back titles, the Voice trophy is up for grabs -- and there's a better than average chance it could go to a first-time champion, as only John has won the competition before.

"It's getting heated out there for sure," Shay revealed.

"That's why we're here," Reba agreed, admitting that she wasn't exactly thrilled to have more country competition on her hands this season.

"These guys are bad enough," she said of John and Chance, "but getting country people in here, two of them?"

So, how exactly does it work having two coaches and just one button?

"You gonna have to tune in to find out," Dan hinted.

"They're still trying to figure it out, what they're saying," John teased.

"I feel like there have been a few mishaps so far," Dan admitted. "But we'll get it. We're getting the hang of it."

The duo admitted that there hasn't been much disagreement over their team because "we're so in sync." And they've figured out at least one technique that works so far.

"I feel like I'm always kind of hovering... because if we're both in, then Dan can kind of, you know, hit my hand on the button and we can go in together," Shay explained. "That's my endorsement."

And of course, each coach has their own gifts -- which some jokingly refer to as "bribes" -- to offer the singers who end up on their team.

John's sticking with his varsity jackets, in a new color this year. "People love the jacket so much that I just keep coming back with different colors," he noted.

Reba is back with a food offering -- however, this year she's handing out chicken tenders instead of tater tots -- while Chance is handing out more of his signature "3" hats.

"It's a new exclusive," the rapper shared. "But now I'm thinking maybe I should bribe people [with food] too, because I didn't know we could do that."

As for the newcomers, Dan + Shay are offering a team jersey -- but with a fun twist. Their team member's shirt will be custom-printed in real-time on the Voice set just as the singer joins!

So, with plenty of excitement ahead, what more can The Voice bring?

"I was saying maybe we need now that we've done a duo, maybe we need a triple chair or quadruple chair," John laughed. "Who knows?" 

All jokes aside, the season 25 coaches all told ET that they can't wait for fans to see what the show has in store in the groundbreaking new episodes.

"When I came on a couple of seasons back, I was the first rapper host, right? And now there's something new -- introducing a double chair and having a group," Chance mused. "It turns into really cool moments. Just when you think you can't up the ante, The Voice always does."

"I love it," Reba agreed. "I love the schedule, I love everything about the crew, the people I get to work with, play with, we have fun. If it wasn't fun, none of us would be wanting to come back."

The Voice season 25 kicks off Monday, Feb. 26 at 8 p.m. PT/ET on NBC.


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