There's More Kit Harington Coming to HBO -- Before 'Game of Thrones' Returns!

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Before we see what happens to Jon Snow, Harington will star in 'Gunpowder', a three-part historical thriller.

You don't have to wait for Game of Thrones' final season to see more Kit Harington on HBO.

The Jon Snow actor stars in Gunpowder, a three-part historical thriller about Robert Catesby, the central figure behind the Gunpowder Plot in 1605 London, an event that has inspired Great Britain's Guy Fawkes Day. The series premiered on BBC One in October, and was recently acquired by HBO.

“We are delighted to offer a platform for a project that is so close to Kit Harington’s heart,” HBO exec Kary Antholis said in a statement. “Kit’s passion for and belief in Gunpowder are evident in every frame of the miniseries.”

Harington's connection to the project stems from the fact that he is apparently a descendant of Catesby, who he plays in the miniseries.

The special will air from Dec. 18 - 20 on HBO at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

We'll have to wait a lot longer for Game of Thrones, which doesn't appear likely to hit our screens before 2019. At least we have Harington and fiancee Rose Leslie's TV love-turned-real-life to hold us over!

Watch the video below to see her engagement ring.