This Awesome Mom Performed a DJ Set for Her Kids in Quarantine Using a Robotic Vacuum -- Watch!

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You may be bored in the house (? and in the house bored ?), but that doesn't mean you can't create your own fun while quarantined!

Amid a time when concerts, festivals and live events across the globe have been canceled or postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic, one music-loving mom found the perfect way to still keep her and her young kids entertained while staying safe at home. 

Judyta Coort, a 33-year-old hairdresser from Tegelen, Netherlands, hasn't been working, and has instead been home with her two children, son D'leh, 3, and daughter Evoleht, 1, for the past six weeks. Due to her passion for music, she decided to perform her very own at-home DJ set, using headphones, an ironing board, bubbles, dimmed lights and her TV screen for visual effects and a "house party" vibe.

"It's a challenge every day with children at home, but in the time when Mom does not work and is at home 24/7 and only hears 'Mom,' she comes up with [crazy] thoughts," Coort exclusively shares with ET. "I just got the idea at 8 a.m. to do the DJ video in pajamas. I just shared for fun, and never thought it would go viral!"

"I picked out the music, the background, and then took out our vacuum cleaner robot and a box to use as a DJ desk," she continues. "My kids loved it very much. They [especially] loved the bubbles."

While filming a video to share on her social media pages, Coort went with "Losing It" by Australian producer Fisher. "I played that song because 'losing it,' I thought, 'Losing my mind,' so it fits," Coort jokes. 

Coort told ET that she has already received so many positive reactions to her video from fellow moms and music lovers all over the world. "I just love music, and I really love going to festivals," she raves. "Everything, every day, there has to be music."

"There is nothing without music ... music just puts me in a good mood," she adds. "[My husband and I], we dance and sing a lot with the kids. And if mum is in a good mood, the kids are too!"

Here at ET, we also quickly found out that Coort's entire TikTok feed is so relatable to moms everywhere! Take, for example, this video of her partying alone outside with a glass of wine in hand...

...or this one, of her cleaning the house as a way to get away and de-stress.

Oh, and here she is lip-syncing to Britney Spears' "...Baby One More Time" while locked in the house...

...and doing her best to keep up with her hairdressing skills.

Never change, Mama! 

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