This 'Summer I Turned Pretty' Star Lands Role as Aaron in 'Mean Girls' Musical Movie

Christopher Briney
Marc Piasecki/WireImage

The new cast additions join Reneé Rapp, who will play Regina George in the musical adaptation.

This is so fetch. The upcoming Mean Girls musical movie has tapped Christopher Briney to play Aaron Samuels.

According to Deadline, Briney, the star of The Summer I Turned Pretty, is one of several additions to the musical adaptation. Senior Year's Avantika and Love, Victor's Bebe Wood are also set to join the cast, playing Regina George's Plastics disciples Karen and Gretchen.

Following the news, Briney took to his Instagram Story and confirmed the news by posting a screenshot of the headline. He also added the text, "Very grateful and so excited."

Back in December, Reneé Rapp spoke with ET about landing the iconic role of Regina George, after playing the same role in the Broadway musical.

"I'm doing it! Woo hoo!" she gushed, before revealing how she found out she landed the role.

"I was excited. Man, I was excited," she recalled. "I was on the treadmill. I was at home and I was walking and I just finished a day of the College Girls filming and my agent called me."

"My mom rushed into the house... She was like, 'Renee!' 'cause she obviously knew 'cause everybody in my family and on my team is in cahoots. Everybody knows everything before I know it," Rapp continued. "I was so stressed 'cause I was [like], 'What's going on?!' I thought I was in trouble and then I wasn't."

Rapp recently spoke to ET and she reacted with glee after being told Amanda Seyfried, who played Karen in the 2004 film, said she would be down for a cameo. Count Rapp in.

"I would kiss her feet, absolutely I would be down," Rapp told ET. "I'll call her!"