'ThursDATE': Matthew Hussey Gives Tips on How to Get Back Into the Dating Scene (Exclusive)

Every Thursday on ET, the love expert will give the best advice on how to navigate dating life.

Matthew Hussey is back to share his dating and relationship advice!

This week's ThursDATE, the love expert is giving tips on how to get back into the dating scene. Whether it's been weeks, months or years since you've gone on a date, Hussey is here to make things a little bit easier.

While the fear of dating can take over, Hussey says to take it one step at a time and listen to these four tips.

1. Do the More Social Version of the Things You Already Do

"If you like running, go join a running club," Hussey suggests. "If you go to the gym, instead of putting your headphones in and being in your own world, join a class."

"It's all about putting yourself in an environment where you could meet more people," he adds. "Even if they're not people you're attracted to, just new friends, those friends can invite you to new places and into new circles."

2. Say Yes to Invites

When a new person you just met invites you out, get out of your comfort zone and join them, Hussey says. "When you say yes to the invite of someone new, you're also saying yes to their network," he explains. "And their network contains people you may be attracted to."

3. Flirt!

"When you're out in those places, flirt," Hussey relays. "You don't need to focus on dating, you need to flirt. The dating part will take care of itself."

So how do you flirt? Compliment people. "[Give] little compliments that enable you to start speaking to someone and give people permission to carry on talking to you," he notes.

4. Go on Short Dates

"One of the most overwhelming things about dating is imagining going on an entire dinner date for an evening with someone you don't even know you have chemistry with yet," Hussey shares. "Go out for 20 minutes for coffee with that person in the middle of the day. All of this is about taking the pressure out of dating."

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