'ThursDATE': Matthew Hussey Shares His Tips on How to Make the Perfect Online Dating Profile (Exclusive)

Every Thursday on ET, the love expert will give the best advice on how to navigate dating life.

It’s ThursDATE Thursday with Matthew Hussey!

This week, the relationship and dating expert is sharing his tips on how to make the perfect online dating profile in the social media age. It’s no easy feat to get back out there and meet someone, but thanks to Hussey, it can get a little bit easier.

So what are his tips? Hussey is breaking it down.

1. Talk About What You Want, Not What You Don't Want

"So many people write things like, 'No hookups,' thinking that's going to stop people who just want to hook up with them messaging them. It doesn't have that effect," Hussey explains. "All it does is show our scars, the things that have burnt us in the past. Instead of talking about what you don't want, talk about what you do want. I'd love to meet someone who is just as excited about a meaningful connection as I am."

2. Hint at the Activities You'd Like to Do

"'Always on the hunt for great gelato.' That gives someone the opportunity to A) message you using that hook. 'What's your favorite flavor,'" Hussey suggests. "And it gives someone an idea of what to do with you on a first date. 'Let's go for gelato!'"

3. Show, Don’t Tell

"Instead of listing out all of the qualities that you have, 'I'm funny, I'm kind, I'm sensitive, I'm sweet,' all of which are just words on a page, show that you are those things. Talk about the fact that you still cry at Disney movies."

And remember: "Any online dating profile is about making us more human, more three-dimensional. We live in a world of social media, dating apps, online profiles where everyone is portraying themselves in 2D, trying to look cool. Portray yourself in three dimensions," Hussey adds.

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