Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart Dish on their Longtime Friendship on the Set of 'Night School' (Exclusive)

The humorous pair have known -- and leaned on -- each other for years.

Kevin Hart couldn't be more proud of Tiffany Haddish.

Speaking on the set of the upcoming comedy feature Night School, Hart and Haddish dished on their longtime friendship, where they've been and their bright futures. Hart wrote and is producing the film, in addition to playing the lead role, making him Haddish's boss for the first time.

But that didn't change the quick banter between the longtime friends in a conversation with ET's Kevin Frazier.

"He's the boss... he tells me all the time between takes that he's the boss," Haddish told ET.

"Very true statement," Hart responded.

The two have come a long way. Both came from humble beginnings, with Hart growing up poor in Philadelphia and working his way from stand-up comedian to household name. Similarly, Hart watched Haddish grow from a struggling comedian living in her car to holding her own in the all-star ensemble comedy Girls Trip and being suggested as a possible host for next year's Oscars, after her hilarious appearance at this year's Academy Awards.

"I have known Tiffany for quite some time. Very talented comedian, now turning into an actress. At the success of Girls Trip and seeing how she pops in a film, we felt that adding her to the cast was a magnificent bonus."

And Haddish had nothing but glowing words for Hart.

"The truth is that Kevin is one of the most motivational, spiritually inclined people that I know," she said. "He teaches me so much about this business and how to conduct myself in such a way, because you know I'm from these streets, so he's teaching me to be street smart but don't be street up in here. So I'm learning a lot and I'm so grateful he's teaching me how to count money and... and how to get celebrities to come hang out..."

Those celebrities, Hart noted, would visit the Night School set to see her, not him.

Both also talked about the future. Hart, who welcomed his first son in November, talked about being a new father.

"The fact that I'm adding an addition to this Hart family and it's a boy, it's a big deal because the Hart name lives on," he said. "My son was a generation and now I get to add another generation to it, which is a beautiful thing, because at the end of the day, you don't want this greatness to stop -- by greatness... I'm referring to myself."

A bit of that "greatness" seems to have rubbed off on Haddish, too.

"That's what I'm learning how to do, because you know this Haddish right here? You don't want that to stop," she said. "Any man out there that's liking me? I'm just saying, get ready to change your last name if you trying to get with me, 'cause this Haddish generation is going to keep popping."

Night School will hit theaters on Sept. 28. The full trailer drops Tuesday.

For more on her attempts to keep the "Haddish generation" popping, see the video below.



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