Tiffany Haddish Fangirls Over Mary J. Blige At Queen Latifah’s House Party -- Listen Now!

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Tiffany Haddish had the best time at Queen Latifah’s house!

The 38-year-old comedian recalls the first time she met Mary J. Blige at her Girls Trip co-star’s house party in her new audio book, The Last Black Unicornout now.

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“I was in the pool, standing there, drinking and talking … I heard a voice that I recognized," recalled Haddish. “I turned and looked, then turned back to the guys and said, ‘You guys, is that Mary J. Blige? Or am I tripping?’”

After Haddish confirmed that it was in fact Blige in the pool, she “smoothly” backstroked her way over to the R&B singer.

“I just started talking to her,” she said. “And I started singing some of her songs to her and she was laughing.”

Hear the full excerpt below:

While Haddish is having her best year yet, she admits her life wasn’t always glamorous. “Reading this book out loud, I realized I’ve been through a lot,” she said, adding how difficult it was to write about her many hardships.  

“All these trials and tribulations I’ve been through got me strong to handle all this success,” said Haddish.

But the actress is thinking positive and staying focused. “It’s all worth it. It really, really is."

Hear the full excerpt below:


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