Tim McGraw Met His Daughter's Date in a Bloody Apron While Holding a Knife, Talks First Meeting Faith Hill

Tim McGraw and Faith Hill on 'Tonight Show'

Faith and Tim also faced off against one another in a game of ‘Search Party’ on ‘The Tonight Show.’

Tim McGraw isn't playing when it comes to his daughters! 

Tim and his wife, Faith Hill, have three daughters together -- Audrey, 15, Maggie, 19, and Gracie, 20 -- and while two are grown and on their own, the couple admitted on Thursday's Tonight Show that they're still protective parents. In fact, when their eldest daughter, Gracie, went on her first date with a new guy, Tim did a background check on the potential suitor. 

"We put our secret service guys on it, they checked it out, everything's good," he joked, adding that he asked Gracie to bring the guy by the house the day after their date. 

"The next morning we're doing a barbecue. I'm in the kitchen and I forget that he's coming," Tim explained. "I have a white apron on and a knife and I'm trimming meat up, so I've got chunks of meat all over this apron, blood everywhere." 

"The doorbell rings and I go and answer the door," he continued. "I've got a knife in my hand and bloody apron on and it worked out really well." 

The 50-year-old country singer also revealed that when he met Faith in 1994 he was "smitten right away," and joked that it "took a lot of time" for her to return the feelings. 

In addition to opening up about their family, the duo also competed against each other on the Tonight Show's “Search Party" game. Both Faith and Tim got their own teams to fill in the top four Google search words that follow specific questions.

For the question, “Why do country singers always sing about…?” Faith, 50, wrote “Love” while her hubby of 21 years wrote “Divorce.”

In the end, love won out and Faith’s team of host Jimmy Fallon and James Poyser from The Roots got to take another try. Tim teamed up with Questlove and Tariq Trotter from The Roots to answer their own questions.

The game went back and forth with each country crooner getting the advantage at one point or another.

ET recently visited the couple on the set of CMT’s new talk show Pickler & Ben where they opened up about their new joint album, The Rest of Our Life.

Check it out: