'Timeless': Goran Visnjic Says He Was 'Crying' Reading the Final Two Episodes (Exclusive)

Justin Lubin/NBC

The 46-year-old actor talks to ET about the upcoming holiday-themed series finale.

The countdown to Timeless' holiday return has begun.

Details on the Time Team's miraculous resurrection remain under wraps (save for the festive key art), and for good reason following the jaw-dropping, time-bending finale. But with production on the NBC time travel drama's final two episodes recently completed, the Timeless cast promised the series finale -- set during Christmastime -- has everything fans would want. 

"We're doing two episodes, which were made really for fans. You would never see episodes like this on television; this is really made for fans," star Goran Visnjic reiterated during ET's exclusive set visit on one of the final days of production in early November. "We're going to close all the loops. We're going to tie all the loose ends. We're going to come back with a storm of words that our fans love and memories from previous episodes. Every day, we come in and I'm like, 'Oh my god, can I say this because they are going to remember I said that in episode two!' And the writers are like, 'Yeah, great!' So it's a very unusual two-part series finale."

Visnjic, who plays the enigmatic foe-turned-maybe ally Garcia Flynn, admitted he had a very visceral reaction to reading the coveted finale scripts, which he received just moments before boarding a transatlantic flight.

"I was reading it on a plane. They sent me the script and I didn't have internet. I'm like, 'Aww, f**k, now?! Come on, let's go up in the air,'" the self-proclaimed sci-fi fan shared, chuckling at the memory. "They turned on the internet, and boom, I download it and I start reading the episode and I start [Visnjic begins to fake cry]. And then [something] happens that I'm not very happy about. But in the end, there is this big [moment] going on and I'm trying to stop the tears but I'm crying. The stewardess was like, 'Hi... oh... are you OK?' I'm like, 'I'm sorry, I'm working.'" 

"When I read it, let me tell you, I had goosebumps," Visnjic said. "My god, this is going to be a really cool ride. Normally you can't do it because you don't have the luxury of completing something or finishing it or you think it's a season finale. This was done specifically for the fans, so they're going to be really happy when they see these two episodes."

Though he wouldn't divulge plot points (duh, spoilers!), it was difficult not to notice the boyish grin the 46-year-old actor had displayed across his face while previewing what awaits fans next month. (Visnjic did share that he would be riding a horse and speaking Spanish.)

"I emailed our writers and I wrote in an email, 'Guys, if I was writing a two-part finale for Flynn, it would be something like this,'" Visnjic said. "I can't be happier with what they did for Flynn these two episodes. It's cool. It's awesome. It's fun."

So does this mean Flynn may actually get a happy ending? "Let's not talk about it," he answered with a laugh. "I'm not going to give you that. Come on. You need to see it! There are going to be satisfying moments for Garcy fans, put it that way."

Timeless airs its two-hour series finale on Thursday, Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.